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My Job search maniac led me to sign-up in various jo-Portal Sites which has their own significant.Everytime I login my mailID I just found it full of jobs which are as usual recomended to me according to my skills. With the same enthusiam I landed up with the site name, but this time not for the job search but for the knowledge and where i stand among all those who are significantly have same or more talent than me.This was typically cool for me as the net surfer. Now its just like before going to any interview I just give the yTest to enhance my theoritical knowledge.Its good to see that everything is merge up in the site so that user need not have to google a long way for their requirement.Apart from that the good point is I got a company before calling for an interview ask to give particular mentioned yTest and infact on the talent rank basis got a call tooThats really nice . That was something how I came accross the site.Now with the serious note my interest to this site is because of the tecnology it used to develop this site.Its working ability ,transformation and many more as technical point of view.Whatever it is I get lots of ideas.Aparently thats was my great experince being a normal USER at Things which I never thought was that the ideas ,the technique i use to grasp from this site for my own work,one day I will be a part of this development team.Somehow I am and want it to grow more.As its growing day by day not only the number of user but also meeting the requirement of Jobseekers and employers too. It has already made a mark and has a power to help every Job seekersfreshers especially.Woul like every one to read http//

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