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if you are reading this blog that means you have faced so many problems in your career and still confused to decide the career, i am asking you why if Right now you are searching over the google these some questions 1 Developer and Tester 2 Salary of Developer and Tester 3 Who is more capable, Developer and Tester. I am asking you, Why you are confused to decide the career, if you do the testing than fine why you confused, Only you are the person only can understand your self no body will help, So Please whatever you have just do it, in perfect way. Remove the all tension from your upper and do the work, Do the work with open eyes and mind. Your aim should be like i have to finish, finish and finish, learn, learn and learn, dont make any bridge, dont think too much just do the work, No body is perfect, but you are the person which can change the world of testing. Just think out of box, follow my post i always share my experience, i dont have much experience atleast i know and i am learning day by day, Everyday i read the blog of tester, i read the magazine. This is my first post and i am going to share my experience here, So always Stay tune, Happy testing cheers

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