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Obligation to Repay
Does life began at 60? If you say 'yes' I say 'no' and if u say 'no' I will say 'yes'. This is only to argue that it all depends on how one looks at life.
Sixty has great significance for humans. It is age when it is said life begins. But it is also the age when one bids farewell to a part of life one never wants to part with. It is at this stage that one gets tagged 'senior citizen'.
What is it like to be a senior citizen? If one goes by the adage that life begins at 60, then it begins an occasion to celebrate. Yes, in a way, life begins at 60 because one becomes free of most of life's mundane responsibilities and gets into a stage of freedom to retrospect and lead a more meaningful life that goes well with final journey of life.
There is a belief among traditional societies all over the world that 60 marks a critical period in one's life. It is like crossing a very dangerous pass that lets only the lucky get a new lease of life. But the point is that, life, whatever the stage, is for celebration. If one gets beyond 60, then calls for greater celebration. To celebrate achievements of life for 60 years is good enough reason to cheer up and look for a new world. Old people are like, in many ways, little children. They are need to feel cared and loved the way we felt when we were in their loving care. Now is the time for repay and no sacrifice for them is great enough.

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