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Rcm Rice bran health guard oil
Health Guard Cooking Oil
Rice Bran Oil
(Use rice bran oil for all your cooking needs: Puri, Paratha, Sabjee, Mutton, Fish everything you want to cook)
Rice bran oil’s health benefits:


The high antioxidant property of oryzanol has been widely recognized. Studies have shown several physiological effects related to gamma-oryzanol and related rice bran oil components. These include its ability to reduce plasma cholesterol (Lichenstein et al., 1994), reduce cholesterol absorption and decrease early atherosclerosis (Rong et al., 1997), inhibit platelet aggregation (Seetharamaiah et al., 1990), and increase fecal bile acid excretion (Seetharamaiah and Chandrasekhara, 1990). Oryzanol has also been used to treat nerve imbalance and disorders of menopause (Nakayama et al., 1987). Rice bran oil is the only readily available oil belong to the vitamin E family and are powerful natural antioxidants (Tomeo et al., 1995). The protective benefits of dietary antioxidants in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer have been widely publicized (Eitenmiller, 1997; Nesaretnam et al., 1998).

Rice bran oil exhibits excellent frying performance and contributes a pleasant flavor to the fried food. It possesses good storage stability and fry life without hydrogenation, due to its moderate level of naturally occurring saturated fatty acids and at least in part to its low linolenic acid content. These properties make it a premium choice for frying upscale products with delicate flavors. Most Japanese restaurants in the USA have now switched to Rice Bran Oil for their superior performance. General frying applications, ranging from potato chips and similar snacks to chicken, exhibit excellent taste and texture profiles when using Rice Bran Oil. Since hydrogenation isn't required for stability, it is a natural high-quality liquid frying oil that is also free of trans-fatty acids.


Rice Bran Oil is also a great choice for use in stir-frying. While its delicate, nut-like character complements the natural flavor of stir-fried meats, sea foods and vegetables, it never overpowers them. A further advantage is its natural resistance to smoking at high frying temperatures. Not surprisingly, Rice Bran Oil has quickly become the oil of choice by many high-end Asian-American restaurants.
When processed rice bran oil may be used as a natural antioxidant source for topically coating a wide range of products such as crackers, nuts, and similar snacks to extend shelf life. This use is further enhanced by the highly desirable flavor of rice bran oil.

In addition to its pleasant flavor, several factors make Rice Bran Oil a good choice for use in Indian Kitchen. Its natural tendency to form a stable ß' crystal lattice combined with an intermediate palmitic acid content result in a good balance of test & digestion with immense Health benefits.
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