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Imagination And Will Power
Imagination and will power People often fail to achieve their cherished goal for want of confidence. It is a matter of common observation that a student with greater confidence shows a better result than the one with greater knowledge. In a debate, the most impressive speaker is the one who is the most confident, not the one whose arguments have greater substance. It is the most confident team that wins a tournament. Imagination and will power can help you to develop confidence. Imagine that you have already achieved what you keenly desire to achieve. Do you want to top the class Imagine that you have been already changed from nervous. Fidgety student to a confident, energetic, dynamic student who is ahead of his class mates in all situations, whether it is a class discussion, a weekly test, or the annual examination. Create a mental picture of yourself with the desired change. Then use your will power to bring about that change and convert that mental picture in to reality. Remember that the change in your personality will be brought about by your will power. Improving is like climbing up a steep hill and climbing up needs real hard work. It is your will power that will goad you to work hard. Motivation and hard work are equally important for success. Imagination will provide motivation will power will enable you to work hard. It is absolutely necessary that imagination and will power in unison with each other. If you WILL to achieve something but your imagination dwells on thoughts of failure, your WILL will turn ineffective and you will not be able to achieve anything. So when you WILL to succeed, you should also imagine that you have succeeded. quotYour imagination is your preview of life39s coming attractionsquot --- Albert Einstein

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