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0 Comment | 46 Views | 25 Aug 16  | Shivam Shakti Dubey
Why not ROTARY ENGINE?????

Rotary Engine......

Why was rotary engine not used in place of 16 cylinder Bugatti Veyron super sports car???
Even though L/100 km of RX8 is 13.91 whereas of Veyron is 14.9....
RX8 is 1.3 Wankel (240 HP) whereas Veyron 16.4 (1200 HP)....
RX8 is 2 cylinder and Mr. Veryon is 16 cylinder....
So what will happen if Mr. Veryon's 16 cylinder is replaced by 10 cylinder Wankel Engine??? Will it be Efficient and Effective??? And the most important Wankel engine needs to me replaced after 160900 km and that of Veryon is 50000 km.
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