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WomeN- BreaK The SilenCE
The hardest profession to choose in life is quotBeing a Womanquot. Discrimination and gender biasing are two most important factors that hamper the life of every woman from the early stage of her childhood. There is always a fight between a woman and the world but unfortunately she is always defeated by the male dominating society. Since her childhood, a girl always sacrifices her needs and wishes for others,during her adolescence she gets trapped by the evil society. A woman is a symbol of sacrifice, love and patience and the world has to respect this. In modern India, women has equal status as that of men. There are many enterpreneurs,politicians,high officials,sportsperson and etc.Today a large percentage of women work and simultaneously play a perfect role of home-maker. However, women in our country still continue to face discrimination and are often victims of abuse and henious crimes. Finally i want to say its a high time to break our silence and now we should step forward and fight for our own dignity. Women can get their rightful place in the society if strong laws are enforced to check the evil society.

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