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Top 10 Spookiest Places to Visit
If the adrenaline rush in your body gives you a kick and you really have an adventurous spirit. You can definitely try visiting following spookiest locations and experience the paranormal activities, as well as ghosts can be sighted if you are lucky enough.
1) Island Of Dolls in Mexico
This place is located nearby Mexico City and there are thousands of dolls hanging on the trees. It is one of the strangest and haunted tourist attractions of the world. As per the people the island was inhabited by a man for almost 50 years, who moved into this place as it was remote. He came to know about a young girl who drowned off the island in 1920s. Her spirit had asked that man to gather her dolls so that she can play with them. This person used to gather the dolls and used to hang them on trees and continued with this process till he died in 2001.
2) Tower of London
The tower of London is haunted by a number of regal souls as per the legend. The ghosts who haunt the place died within its grey walls. The PrincesEdward V, Thomas Becket and Richard of Shrewsbury were murdered in 1483. Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the Tower Green in 1536 and Catherine Howard who was killed six years later.
3) Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Edinburgh Castle is one of the most haunted sites in Scotland. It is believed that there is a phantom piper, a headless drummer, and a dog. In the year 2001, a rigorous 10-day scientific survey was performed in the castle vaults and chambers. The digital cameras, night vision equipment, thermal imaging devices were installed and 240 volunteers took part the study. Nearly half of the people reported seeing ghost and spooky phenomenon. They told that there was a sudden drop in temperature and sensation of unseen presence tugged their clothes.
4) Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan
Bhangarh is one of the most haunted places in India. As per the people, the fort is cursed. A Wizard fell in love with the princess who lived in the fort and he wanted to marry her. He tricked the princess by giving a magic potion instead of scent so that she would fall in love with him. The princes came to know about his trick and threw away the potion on a large boulder. The boulder started rolling and crushed the wizard and before dying he cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed and no one will be able to live near it. There is a warning by the government officials of India in front of the fort which clearly advised everyone to vacate the place before sunset. The tourists are forbidden between sunset and sunrise.
5) Poveglia Island, Italy
Venice is famous for its ghost stories and murder mysteries. The famous island Poveglia near Venice was used as a plague pit in which several people had died when Plague had hit. An asylum was created in the building in 1922. As per the local legend, the doctor who ran the facility butchered and tortured many patients. Finally, he became mad and committed suicide. The ruins of the building remain however the island is closed to the visitors. Venice with narrow alleys and dead ends on the canals has been associated with several incidents of ghosts and will definitely give you sleepless nights.
6) Catacombs and Garnier Opera house in Paris (France)
In Paris, a number of haunted spots are found. The most famous place which is known to be spooky is city’s catacombs. This includes a network of tunnels underneath Paris streets that acts a storage facility for human bones as most of the city’s cemeteries were overcrowded. The people who visit Paris can tour the catacombs and walk past thousands of bones. Another haunted place in Paris is the Garnier Opera house which has served as the setting for The Phantom of the Opera.
7) Cemetery in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
The major tourist attraction in Buenos Aires is its historic cemetery which is believed to be haunted. According to people, a young woman was cremated alive by mistake in this place and her ghost walks through the Recoleta Cemetery till date to uncover newly buried bodies to ensure they are actually dead. Torre del Fantasma is another haunted spot in Buenos Aires where a woman committed suicide by jumping off the tower. Her ghost is still visible through the window. Another place in the city where the ghosts can be seen is city’s Line A subway.
8) Australia
The asylums have been proven to be as the most haunted locations across many countries and Australia is known to have 2 major Asylums that are known for ghost tours. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum has been in operation for more than 125 years. The asylum was closed in 1995 as it was haunted by ghosts of several patients who died there. The Aradale or the Ararat lunatic Asylum was functional for 140 years and almost 13,000 people have been reported to have died there. Aradale is used as a campus for Australian College of Wine presently and Beechworth is not used since it was closed. Both the asylums are open for ghost tours.Apart from asylums if you are looking for any other spooky site for convicts Port Author Convict site in Hobart and Fremantle Gaol (Perth) are the places worth a visit.
9) Duran Sanatorium, San Jose (Costa Rica)
The Duran Sanatorium has been closed since 1973 and is an example of abandoned hospital as it was a hotspot of ghosts. The hospital was used to treat TB (Tuberculosis) patients mainly and in other wings the mentally ill patients were also housed. The campus was converted into a prison before being completely abandoned. The people have reported seeing a nun who used to take care of the patients and a small girl who died of TB in Sanatorium.
10) New Orleans
The city has a famous history of black magic and voodoo. Many people regard it as the city of ghosts and vampires. There have been several incidents related to paranormal activities in the city and hence turns out to be one of the spookiest cities in the USA.

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