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Herd mentality , Being realistic vs following one's passion , golden handcuffs,and the role of fear
Our lives are determined by the choices we make . But how many of us have stopped to consider whether there has been a conscious effort on our part to pursue the path we truly believe in , or as many of us do , we accept whatever is right in front of us . Often , under these circumstances , fear plays a part in our choices. One should be realistic or get real is the thought that comes to mind. Most people are content to make choices that are realistic according to what they think or herd mentality so to say. Herd mentality Herd mentality has been prevalent in society since time immemorial.In modern day society however , its effects are far reaching for instance , in the careers people choose , in the colleges they apply to , the car they drive etc. The point remains however , that most of these people never realize the fact how much of their life choice might end up making them miserable. Its true that one should be practical and thoughts alone dont get results , one has to take action. But if those actions will make a person unhappy in the long run , perhaps its best to decide otherwise . Sometimes it helps to look at the big picture . Some of you might have read the speaking articles , one such article entitled The way you begin determines your future discusses at length the human nature tendency to look at immediate results i.e instant gratification . Often in our lives we tend to get discouraged if we do not get success right away , when it would be better if people would just learn to be a little patient. Being realistic vs following ones passion Now-a-days the world has become highly competitive. Chances are the talents that a person knows he /she has , many others have the same talent and can do his/her job better . If so , then should a person just give up just because there are others who are better than him in a few things Definitely not. The thing is , most of us probably do not know about the talents we possess simply because we never tried. Ask yourself this Would you feel better 10 years down the line if you never tried to pursue , say your own business or would you rather try and learn from the obstacles you face. Is it better to try and risk failure or not try at all A common dilemma faced by most of us in daily life. Of course it is easier said than done. If a persons passion involves a large client base , the clients wont support the service just because the person says its his/her passion , they support it if the quality of service is good according to them. Hence planning beforehand is important as well . There are numerous articles on finding and identifying a persons passion , but the fact remains , that no one knows a person better that the person themselves. Hence introspection becomes important. Its true though , since a person does not know what will the result be before following a course of action totally new to him/her , it often stops them from pursuing it i.e the what-if dilemma . Golden handcuffs Often people take up a job due to its financial benefits and not for the interest in that particular field . Person -job fit and person organization fit are two aspects that can prevent the situation though. More companies are realizing this now and hence its a common question asked in interviews Why do you want to work for us . True , the interviewee can lie , and perhaps lie so well that its enough to convince the interviewer , but then its a loss for both parties. Its the same reason why its said the first job out of graduating college is important . If a person keeps changing their field of work it has a negative influence of how potential future employers see that job applicant . Golden handcuffs however show up differently for everyone. 1. A company paid car including travel/maintenance expenses 2. A non -compete clause applicable to prevent a person doing what they want in another company 3. MBA tuition plan reimbursement that a person is obligated to repay if he/she leave before 5 years 4.Dependable monthly pay check in a persons bank account . Since it is a fixed income , knowing that can play a role in stopping a person to pursue what they really want. And these are just a few . The list is endless. Role of fear in our lives Fear is the emotional equivalent of physical pain. Fear advises us that it is necessary to proceed with caution, but also alerts us that there may be tremendous gain if we proceed.Fear is also necessary in the formation of direction. There is a flip side to fear however. It is an inherently scary, vulnerable thing to place your vision on display for the world to see. If we run from our fear it only cause more harm . What would be remarkable if a person is afraid of something yet did not turn away i.e facing his/her fear. We cannot allow fear to rule our lives , to let us doubt ourselves , our dreams . Only when we conquer our fears and doubts we can make decision we truly believe in .

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