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Heading For a new COLD WAR
First of all was India unaware about the joint drill of Pakistan with Russia ?
Hum bewafa Hargiz na the, par hum wafa sahe na sake….The melodramatic tune perfectly match with the current Indo-Russian politi -scenario .

The countries signed an agreement on military technical cooperation in 2014.When Russia announced the end of an arms embargo on Pakistan, this was a big and unpleasant surprise for India.
By calculating the equation of closeness of India with US, Russia play this card and this was not the fortnight decision.
it’s no doubt that India will always play a very special role in Russia's foreign policy and Russia is very much interested in keeping the strategic level of its ties with India.
The underdeveloped relations with Pakistan are a legacy of the Cold War, when Pakistan was an ally of the U.S. In the 1970s and 80s, it supported the military opposition in Afghanistan, which was fighting against Soviet troops who were legally in the country. This situation didn't lead to a conflict between Pakistan and the USSR, but caused a deep distrust between them. But the war is over and Pakistan is no longer an American ally.
Americans did give some aid to Pakistan in recent years, but these amounts didn't make Pakistan dependent on Washington.
Russia also wants to work with different partners in the region and not be stuck with just one partner. Russia is finally getting a balanced approach towards the region and seems to be elaborating a strategic approach to South Asia. This is logical.

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