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Formulation and  Evaluation of Tooth Gel from Aloe Vera Leaves Extract
The aimed of current research to formulate tooth gel utilizing leaf extract of Aloe vera. In multiple clinical studies, Aloe vera has used in dentistry for wound-healing effect, gingivitis, plaque control and curing oral mucosal lesions. Aloe vera is natural, ancient ingredient. The formulated Aloe vera tooth gel evaluated by physical examination: Colour-yellowish brown, Appearance-Homogeneous, smooth nature, Transparency-translucent and Relative density-10.5, No microbial growth in sample plate, pH-7.5, Viscosity-3100cp, Extrudability amount percent-91.33, Spreadability-6.5cm/sec and obsereved good stability. The anti-microbial evaluation against Staphylococcus aureus reveal that formulated aloe vera tooth gel exhibited notable activity with ZOI of 19.5 mm at MIC of 25µg/mL. The outcome from this research evidently signified that the natural plant Aloe vera using to formulate tooth gel may be a new approach to formulate tooth gel economically and minimum side effect than synthetic formulation and good scope in future about dental research in natural remedies
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