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Prosthesis is a functional replacement for an amputated or congenitally malformed or missing limb. The microprocessor receives signals from its sensors to determine the type of motion being employed by the amputee. The sensory signals are computed by the microprocessor are used to control actuators (servo motors). The main advantage of microprocessor controlled prosthesis is closer approximation to an amputee’s natural gait.
This prosthetic hand mimics human movement, hence the name Animatronic. The model built on Arduino platform, operates at low power, the model is very compact compared with other commercial models which are available in the market. The uniqueness of the model developed is 7 Degree of Freedom is the highlight of the proposed work. Changes in speed are also possible these changes are analyzed by the sensor and transmitted to the micro-controller that will adjust for the changes. This model uses battery inside the prosthesis.

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