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Love yourself.!!!!!!!!
Hiiiii friendzzz i want to share something which each one of us experienced......... How many people compare themselves with others and say ldquoI wish I was like this, I wish I was like that. I wish I had this personrsquos house, his car, his child, his wife.rdquo Why compare How do you know he doesnrsquot have problems But we compare and measure. We want explanations. You have a garden take care of your own garden. Yoursquove been taking care of other peoplersquos gardens, and the vermin have been eating yours. You canrsquot have that. Take care, prune, donrsquot let the weeds get out of hand. Take care of this beautiful garden, this beautiful life yoursquove been given. How By not finding fault with it, but accepting it. By not comparing it, but admiring it. When everything seems to be going AGAINST you... Remember that gtgt The airplane takes off AGAINST the Wind, not WITH it... just love yourself..... be what you are

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