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WHAT A RECRUITER LOOKS FOR... There lies not a question in denial of the fact the placement process has turned out to be rigorous and the competition is intense. With changing era the need of recruiters and the organizations keep on changing and has infact foregone numerous variations year after year. You may consider it as an impact of globalization but the recruiters now judge different facets of the candidates39s personality in every possible aspect they require in an individual for his successful functioning in their respective organisations irrespective of what they are hiring a naive graduate or an experienced professional. There exists a number of key attributes that are hunted for but the foremost amongst them is the POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards the job and the working environment. As there lies on exaggeration in admitting the fact that this list can go on and on but lets have a closer and a preciser look on few such traits that you need to exhibit that i hope could benefit you if not all but to some extent. soft skills/communication skills The ability to communicate effectively with no awkwardness and hesitation is important not just in given aspect but one can say that it can act as a virtual ladder in making up your career and taking it to heights. Its is an indispensible part of you and its essence lies in to understand and be understood. zeal to learn The enthusiasm, the zest is the paramount attribute that comes out to be the need of the hour in many situations and circumstances. Organizations need a little get to go attitude, so if one is trapped in a problem then should know a way out too or should explore one and hence exhaust all possible hurdles coming in path exploring and evaluating new solutions. efficiency as a team player as well as a team leader As we already know that major projects and their success relies over team co-ordination and its close interaction. Besides being a player you should possess all attributes to lead the team as well, delegating suitable work to appropriate set of people. Moreover being a leader comes out shiningly in your curriculum. flexibility in relocation Companies are in search of employees that are easily adaptable to new situations and hence it becomes imperative to be flexible and adaptable with this changing world in accordance with the rapid changes taking place. stability Stability is yet another very important factor that decides whether you are in or not. Every firm wants stable employees who will stay and contribute to the firm for a fairly longer period of time. confidence and ability to work under pressure It is significantly essential to be confident but at the same time avoid being arrogant. Recruiters try to unnerve the candidate but its nothing a confident candidate cannot handle.. Besides its all about keeping calm and avoid getting overwhelmed or stressed. Talking about the other things academic performance is also of great importance whether it is school or college and you are often rated on scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of just that. Adding to this other responsibilities held, competitions won, participation and excellence in sports, debates are eye catching and comes out shining in your curriculum. In nutshell placement preparation is a rigorous process and needs your devotion for lest a couple of months. Its about striking a balance in mastering hard skills and soft skills. It aims at matching the requirements of the corporate world with the aspirations of the students. But its nothing one cannot conquer. What it actually needs is your shear amount of effort and quotICAN DO ITquot attitude and the success will come on your way..

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