Implications of Assessment of New Era HR
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There was a time when employees were considered mere liabilities but times have changed now especially with the advent of active human resource departments in organizations employees are considered much more than people as assets than those who occupy few seats and perform certain functions. 

While this seems like a favorable practice for the employees, it is also equally profitable for the organizations .Employees that are treated well think out-of-the-box, bring creative ideas and a fresh perspective to the same tasks that previously were approached in a ‘safe’ way. Also they’re better motivated, willing to learn, and passionate about what they do.
There are enough examples to prove that apart from taking good care of the employees what matters is hiring employees  well suited for the Job. All the benefits of HR- best practices  can only be realized by recruiting employees with potential. Unfortunately, a lot of employers seem to miss this point. A typical employer, while expending a lot of time and energy on engaging and retaining  employees, doesn’t seem to put in the same effort in hiring them. In larger organizations, it’s not uncommon for the employee-hiring process to be handled solely by an HR manager. However, the difference between a quality employee with the potential to become a productive and permanent member of your team, and one who will consume more resources than what he/she brings to your organization is a skill assessments conducted at the time of hiring. 


When employees  stay with your organization for a short duration, their training and mentoring involves investment of effort, time, as well as high-level resources. Your investment is not likely to return enough benefits unless you have hired the right kind of people in the first place who are well suited and stable.
Not only should an employee be qualified enough to work in your industry, they must possess other skills and traits that can make them fit comfortably in your organization and ensure their growth as a part of your team.
Therefore, Pre-employment interviewing techniques  have come to be used widely in the recruitment process for permanent hires. However, the use of the assessments for hiring  is still understated. A hiring manager needs pre-defined benchmarks to understand which ones fit the organizations’ need the best, and the only objective way to ascertain skills, aptitude, and attitude is through assessments.

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