Get Better Employement Opportunities at Youth4work
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One of the problems prevalent in Indian democracy post independence was that of unemployment. Various Acts were passed, however, to bring no change. But now in 2011 a bright hope to eradicate unemployment from its very roots has come up.Y4W has come up as a permanent solution to all our needs.Y4W provides internship opportunities to the youth in various fields. One can register for free and participate in various projects and available on their site “” .The procedure is simple and a fast feedback after project submission is guaranteed.

As the name suggests,’Y4W”, their main aim is to act as a catalyst between college and companies. One may choose according to one’s field of expertise and choose projects they want to work in.


A sample work needs to be submitted according to given guidelines and time frame and the company will give their feedback accordingly.Y4W also provides a platform for companies to go through the work done by an individual and thereby giving opportunities for more work. Participants are at times given recommendations from Y4W to work for other companies.

The recommendations bring more work to the member and indirectly more earning oppurtunities.Y4W has from its start tried to collaborate with more companies and also at the same time more colleges so that employment opportunities can be offered to as many youth as possible. The members who have registered so far have earned according to their potential and are satisfied and proud to be associated with Y4W.Youth can connect and get easy access my just a simple net connection..

This new and novel concept is sure to bring connectivity between companies and employment seekers. The days ahead are sure to look at “Youth4work” as a pioneer and new light in this new and unexploited field especially in this generation of speed, pace and competition.

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