7 Things every aspirant should strongly consider before accepting a job offer
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So you've made it ... All those hours of cramming notes, summarizing project details and maintaining a proper, astute composure throughout the interview has landed you a Job.

But wait … And think now … Hard!

A few questions should pop up in your head in the midst of all that happy “I have a job” vibe. Questions like

Is the salary sufficient?

Will I be able to progress?

What about higher Studies?


Chill … lets just break down all the facts before you accept a job offer from a company.

1. Startup vs Company

The young guns are replacing old, established brands; Flipkart is the living example of this. Nor did it take Amazon and eBay by the horns, but also completely supplanted Offline Retail Markets from various places all around India. That is a startup story. But that wasn’t done following a normal 9 to 5 regime. Unlike age old establishments, startups strictly want the best of the best candidates who can go for hours without breaking or downgrading the optimum output rate. So if you are brazen enough to do that, a startup is waiting for your services.  

2. Initial Salary

You might not get Google Money but still you shouldn’t accept the 'paid in peanuts' format. A good start will help you negotiate better increment later on in the company. But do not base solely your decision to join or drop a firm on pay scale.

3. Trade of Employment

We all are designed to perform a specific number of tasks. There might be a scenario where a programmer might not be a successful marketer and vice-versa. But both are equally essential parts of an organization. So make sure you assess yourself before selecting or getting assigned an anonymous trade that you might not be able to adapt to in the required time.

4. Company Review

Review portals like Glassdoor and Quora provide you an inside scoop on a company’s work model and environment from the employee’s perspective.

5. Option of Higher Studies

Only the progressive learners succeed in life. Period.

With that in mind, always make sure that the company opens a few doors for achieving better education through special programs, courses, scholarships etc.

6. Growth Rate

Not just the company but also yours. You need to have a clear vision, a plan that you need to get to a certain position in so-n-so amount of time. Otherwise a still career might make you agitated.   

7. Severance Package

Not an important point to consider, but a person who has planned way ahead of everyone should really look into the matters of health and pay benefits, travel and living cost exemptions etc.

You’ll always remember your first job, your first official paycheck, so I think it is worth thinking about.

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