Interior Designing as a Career
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What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designing is the art of decorating a room or building. An interior designer improves the aesthetics of interior spaces of a room or areas in a building keeping in account - the function and safety aspects. They are mostly creative, artistic and imaginative people who work with clients and others to deliver design solutions that are functional, safe and beautiful, within a given space.


Job Description of an Interior Designer

  1. Working with clients to design or renovate a space, as per their requirements
  2. Along with attractive design elements, enhances the function and safety of the spaces
  3. Select samples of materials for flooring, paint colors, carpets, furniture etc. to meet clients’ expectations
  4. Read and interpret blueprints
  5. Select arts like painting or pictures that matches with the interior design aspects of the spaces
  6. Work with vendors and other stakeholders
  7. Plan and estimate budget for the interior designing project
  8. Draw sketches of design before implementing
  9. Ability to use computer-aided program (CAD) to create drawings
  10. Have great design sense
  11. Supervise juniors or other people to carry out the work as per required
  12. Communicate from time to time with clients and follow up
  13. Managing work schedules

Interior Designer Key Skills

The ability to succeed in the Interior Designing field depends a lot on your ability to satisfy client’s design and aesthetics requirements. Here are listed few requisite skills to become a successful interior designer:


Creativity: One of the essential skills required to become an Interior Designer is your ability to transform a boring looking room or space into something attractive. This means you need to have certain amount of creative thoughts that naturally comes to you. However, to certain extend this skill can be enhanced by getting yourself exposed to more interior design samples and trends.

Organized: You are creative and very good at designing spaces. However, to enable you to achieve great success in the interior designing field you need to be organized. Being organized means the ability to – fix meetings with clients, follow up with clients, coordinate with assistants and others, and doing everything that needs to be done within a specific time limit.

Computer Skills: To be successful in the interior designing field you need to know how to utilize design software to bring out the best results. Software like CAD helps you to create 2D & 3D design visuals, to get the perfect design before you start on any design project.

Coordination: It’s a given to do great in any profession you need to get along well with people and get things done within time. The greater you are good at dealing with people the greater will be your success.

Communication: Ability to articulate what are your expectations from each of your assistants or other people will help you create better designs. Equally the ability to understand and clarify what design cues your clients are expecting from you through communication will help you create great designs.

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