Tested Skill vs. Listed Skill
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To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.

A remarkable statement made by famous philosopher Confucius.

To know what are your areas of strength and weakness is an achievement in our times. With the modern day advancement and the Smartphone culture, our professional inclinations are molded by the people around us. We tend to have a sheepish approach towards making some of the most crucial decisions which might end up affecting our life drastically.

It is the month of April and a number of college students will be interviewing for various profiles in a number of companies in hopes on securing a fulltime job with a decent package. There might be a million forums online that might teach you how to write a killer resume or CV, or what not say in an interview. These activities are something that every candidate can do in a matter of days.

But one thing that only time and your own abilities can teach you is what is your area of interest, which brings me to the main topic of discussion i.e. Tested Skill vs. Listed Skill – Who will survive in the corporate world.

Taking a random example of a person with a graduation degree in Computer Science Engineering, he/she will generally list professional proficiency in computer languages skills like HTML, CSS, C, C Plus Plus and a dozen other languages in their respective LinkedIn profiles.

There will always be a difference between a skilled and rookie programmer, which is impossible to be determined when a skill is in a listed format. There are good chances that you might be able to secure a few calls, and with a good set of words, might even convert them. But the corporate pressure to perform upto the company standards might be too much.

Hence enters Tested Skills. A tested skill will be an area of your professional interest in which you’ve shown progress and good results, be it an aptitude test series or practical application.

This will not only boost your chances of converting an interview call, but also will help you answer your questions in a non-cryptic format.

How to work on your tested skills?

Youth4work is a talent assessment portal that is focused on helping both students and professionals work upon their talent skills, thereby making them their tested skills.

Youth4work Online Talent Tests (yTest) has a resident repository of millions of questions related to most of the professional skills required in the market. You can browse, skim and scan the portal and give a few tests a trial run, get to know how vast and profound your knowledge is in your selected trade. 

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