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Why should I join Youth4work
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The way we understand 39Youth39 is someone who is lively and adapts to changes If you are Youth looking for avenues to boost your career opportunities... What would you do if you want to assess yourself on a specific skill or talent perceived by you Where can you find hundreds of free online tests for skills and talents How would you find that your score in a certain test is better than how many other people Where do you stan
Register as a Youth at Youth4work
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Step 1 Click on Register Free from the from the site header. Step 2 You will see the following window to proceed. You need to select 39Youth39 as the option if you are a student/job seeker/working professional/freelancer . Step 3 In the next window, fill in your basic details Name For employers, recuiters and other users to address you. Email id For receiving all update mails from Youth4work and opportunity mails fr
Social Vouches for Youth’s Talents
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How interesting, satisfying and gratifying it is when someone else, known and unknown, praises you Thatrsquos what Social Vouches is all about. What is a Social Vouch A Social Vouch means that a youth or company shares another youth39s talent profile on own social networks, in a way, vouching for another39s talents. Social vouches help to build your profile ranking and visibility in employer talent searches. When somebody vouches for
Recommendations on Youth4work
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When somebody commends you and others are able to see it too, thatrsquos the best laurel you get.These commendations bring about an edge of subjective evaluation of your profile by employers or recruiters. What is a Recommendation A recommendation is a note of representation qualifying certain characteristics in favour of someone or something. In Youth4work rsquos context, a recommendation is a note written by any youth or employer recogn
Become a Forum Moderator
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The latest feature added in Youth4work Talent Forum is Forum Moderator . Forum Moderators are creative, smart and highly active Youth4work members who possess a distinctive leadership quality a quality that makes them unique. In short, a Forum Moderator is a Youth4work member who can conduct and manage activities in his/her assigned forum.There can be multiple forum moderators but each moderator must be responsible for a set of activities
7 ways to improve yRank on Youth4work
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With over 60 lakh graduates passing out each year, the competition is tough and employers face tough times too in selecting candidates for their open vacancies. Employers and recruiters are rapidly moving towards pre-assessed or pre-tested candidates to make their recruitment / hiring process faster, smooth and relevant and bring down the cost of talent acquisition down. yRank is Youth4workrsquos proprietary algorithm which ranks youth based on t
How Youth4work helps in getting a job
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39 How do I find a good job 39 , 39I am searching for a job but can39t find it, can you help 39 , question similar to this are something wehear every day. The more weunderstand and go deep into the recruitment process, understanding needs of 16000 employers and over 500,000 assessed job seekers using our portal the more convinced we arethat this particular question is wrong . The right question that every job seeker must as
Understanding Youth4work Talent Forums
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Recruitment and talent acquisition has gone online as recruiters check out an individualrsquos online presence and activities he / she is involved in. And one good place to hunt for prospective candidates is Forums. Apart for yTests on Youth4work, Youth has a chance to showcase the talent also by participating in respective forums. Forum participation has direct impact on yRank increase So what exactly is a Talent Forum Itrsquos an on
Earn Reputation Points on Youth4work
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A youth has a chance to showcase the talent by participating in respective talentrsquos discussion forums. Forum participation has direct impact on yRank increase. More you participate, more increment in the yRank Letrsquos see how. Every talent community has a unique discussion forum to interact on relevant topics or questions. Read About Discussion Forums here. First , let us see how to check your reputation points for a talent. In
How your friends can help boost your yRank
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yRank of a Youth4work user can be affected by a number of ways. It is not dependent on a single factor but on a multiple ones. Hence, in order to remain numerouno in your talent, you cannot singularly depend upon your test taking skills but also on your activeness on the platform and your connections with others. Social vouches help to build your profile ranking and visibility in employer talent searches. When somebody vouches for your talen
Tips for Forum Moderators on how to engage a community
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Youth4work stresses on the concept of community building and collaboration. Every being on this planet, be it social or wild, flourish when they live, share, and grow as a community. Recruiters are also looking for active and social employees who could contribute and share simultaneously. Moderators are the drivers of community building . They lead by example and are the first one to be open to ideas and collaborations. Here are some quick tip
How time slot system works in yTests
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ytests are specially designed adaptive online tests that help youth4work members in developing better test-taking skills, mastering core concepts of subjects and also increasing profile popularity that ensures better job getting opportunities. Your Online Youth4work Rank, yRank, also depends on your potential to score higher in ytests. But this post is not dedicated towards explaining the importance of yTests. It is about the most oft
Discussing Upvote and Downvote in Talent Forums
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In order to improve the level of competition amongst Youth4work members, a new feature has been introduced in the talent forums i.e. Upvote and Downvote . What is an Upvote or Downvote Youth4work members are now actively engaging in productive discussions and debates in all talent forums. Whether be politics or sports, education or career choices, everyone is offering their unique point of view. Since Youth4work is a community o
How are questions compiled for Youth4work Placement Papers
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Youth4work is an online assessment portal that is focused on enhancing various skills of all users on the platform. Since 2012, Youth4work is trying to push the envelope in the genre of online assessment and exam preparation, whether be online talent tests yTest or prep tests. So, for college students who wish to make it big in the corporate world, Youth4work introduced Placement Papers. Placement Papers are highly comprehensive
Youth4work Job Insights
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We all are well familiar with the fact that we compete with thousands of applicants for every job we apply for. Or is it hundreds The exact figure might always be unknown. But we can help you narrow down to the closest decimal. What is Youth4work Job Insights Youth4work has meticulously generated heat maps of the number of applicants applying per location according to their professional trade. The basic function that Job Insights s
Youth4work Team Tests - Benchmark your Team's Performance in the Digital Age
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Human resource is just like natural resources. A company needs to identify the areas where the contribution of each individual employee can be maximized. An employee often goes through the process of unlearning things that seem redundant to his new job and acquiring new skills that are essential. You would have realized it by now that pre-employment assessment is simply not enough. The responsibility of a company in assessing its employees doesn
College Evangelist Program
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College Life is considered as the golden time period. It is the time when you get to know a lot about the actual real life and the obvious struggles in a more practical way. But for those who are wishing to face new challenges and outshine others, Youth4work presents College Evangelist Program. What is College Evangelist Program Youth4work College Evangelist Program is an interactive online platform for students who wish to represent t