Social Vouches for Youth’s Talents
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How interesting, satisfying and gratifying it is when someone else, known and unknown, praises you? That’s what Social Vouches is all about.

What is a Social Vouch?
A Social Vouch means that a youth or company shares another youth's talent profile on own social networks, in a way, vouching for another's talents.

Social vouches help to build your profile ranking and visibility in employer talent searches. When somebody vouches for your talent, he/she approves and attests your talent. In a way, they give an assurance, a guarantee for your talent.

Whom to give a Social Vouch?
Each of your talents is unique and adds to your professional strength. Any youth should be vouched if he / she displays good knowledge over the talent through yTests, participation in the discussion forums and interactions with other youth.

How to give a Social Vouch to someone?
Go the talent you want to vouch for, from the person’s public profile's talent section.


If you tweet a lot and want to share the youth’s talent on Twitter, click on Tweet button.

You’ll get a pre-loaded tweet window with the link to the youth’s talent. You can edit the tweet also and post it.

By vouching on Google+, you will get a share box as below:


Here too, like Facebook, you’ll need to write a few words to make a personalize d vouch. The link lands the viewer to the youth’s talent page directly.

Everytime your talent is vouched, there will be an increment in the vouches on the talent profile page. More the merrier. So at first, you might need to vouch your friend's talents and ask for the return favour. Once you get going, you will enjoy vouching for people. :) So vouch right now!!!

More the Social Vouches for a talent, higher is the yRank, i.e. Social Vouch is an important criterion of yRank. Giving a Social Vouch to oneself will not increase the yRank. 

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