10 Misconceptions about Corporate Life Freshers have
2 Answers | 349 Views | 09 Sep 15

College Time is over for last year students and its time to enter the professional realm. Many misconceptions about job, corporate life, working environment, etc. are going to change. 

Lets see a few misconceptions that you might have about a job.

1. Job Hunting

2. Area of Work - Interested Trade vs. Assigned Trade

3. Work Pressure   

4. Managers

5. Office Environment 

6. Working Shifts

7. Deadline Dilehma

8. The Frantic Ladder Climbers

9. Salary Hike  

10. Career Progression Graph

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  • Same thing have with me

  • That's True.. All these dilema do occurs but you need to be focus and well determined to your job at your best. Once you started loving it even shift would will matter. All it requires it the statement "Customer Satisfaction by giving your best by the best work."