7 Ways to Develop Healthy Work Ethics
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A Legendary coach John Wooden said, quot Many athletes have tremendous God-given gifts. hellip Who are these individuals You have never heard of them and you never will .quot It means many gifted athletersquos fail to reach their true potential. To avoid future disappointments and reach true potentials a good work ethic is a must in sports. The best thing is that it can be developed - and i nculcating self -discipline in a positive way is
Waste Management
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The current problems that are boiling across India includes Waste Management that has become talking issues or initiative for some citizens. Till date people are facing the lack of management being followed by the Municipalities. The concept of segregation of waste at the basic level is still not being considered an option. Our basics are not right then how do we expect the further areas down the drain to be perfect. The most horrible thin
 Superstitions -  A Mystery
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Superstitions sounds crazy for some while others worship it. Believing in superstitions is an individual lookout. It is neither a myth nor a boon, itrsquos just a belief that you may follow or not. In any part of the globe it is intended to find people who are superstitious in one way or other. So what are superstitions actually Is it something weird or something that is acceptable in society Finding a correct answer for this is im
Plato’s Allegory of Cave and its relevance to contemporary Youth
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Plato who was one the most prominent student/follower of the great Roman philosopher Socrates came from an aristocratic family unlike his master. The other important distinction between both these philosophers was that, Plato was capable of doing both i.e. to read and write. Plato has written this philosophical piece ldquo Allegory of the cave rdquo to explain the education of youth towards enlightenment. Plato has narrated the entire text as if
The lives of Indian Students at American Universities
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There are plenty of obstacles and problems that international students are going to face in American Universities. The students and the faculty are only as enlightened as the next person you meet on the street, but these are the challenges that international students accept when they decide to study in an American University. English language idioms These are a stickler for international students and lead to a lot of sad misunderstandin
Ordinary Humans are slaves of inanimate objects
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ldquoYou have shown me a strange image, and they are strange prisoners.rdquo Nowadays, especially talking of todayrsquos youth if we consider how aware they are of the world around them, they will cut a sorry figure. The ldquoallegory of cavesrdquo particularly laments about the too much dependence of one person and on their respective senses. ldquoThe chain that binds the prisoners is the sensesrdquo But the people of the twenty fir
Fun at Work Place
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Having fun at work Does it really sound absurd. Many managers will smirk with even a mere mention of fun at their workplace. The Best Place to For Institute ran a survey among the ldquo100 best companies to work forrdquo on the fortunersquos list that rates as lsquogreatrsquo. An overwhelming 80 percent responded positively, that theyrsquore having fun at their workplace. Similarly, among the companies rated as lsquoGoodrsquo, only ab