Using Promo Codes for Discounts on Youth4work Prep Tests
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Youth4work Prep Tests are designed to provide additional resources for people preparing for various competitive tests.

These tests help people to practice various topics or sections of any exam and understand their strong and weak areas to improve performance. People can attempt first few questions and check their reports for free, after which they would have to upgrade to any 1 of the 3 available options when prompted. With any upgrade pack, you get an access to unlimited questions of one or more tests for a specific period.

This blog will help you to understand how to use promotional offer codes while upgrading to any of the Youth4work Prep Tests pack and start your practice to crack any exam!

Step 1: Go to Prep Tests module

You need to be a registered member of Youth4work to attempt Prep Tests. If you are not a member - Registration is simple, FREE and explained here. After you have can login and click on Self-Assessments >> Prep Tests from top-left as shown below:

Navigation to Prep Tests after login

You can also go directly to and bookmark this link in your browser to access it easily next time.

Step 2: Go to Prep Upgrade page

On Prep Tests’ main page itself you would see the below options to click. Click on Upgrade to go and view the options available.

Click on Upgrade link

On the Upgrade page, you would find 3 option packs with different time periods and prices. Each pack would give you access to unlimited questions of all prep tests!

Prep Tests Upgrade Option Packs

It is on this page, where you will use the promo-code you have to avail discounts.

  • Prep-Start Pack à unlimited access to all tests for 1 month
  • Prep-Prime Pack à unlimited access to all tests for 3 months
  • Prep-Pro Pack à unlimited access to all tests for 12 months

Step 3: Using Promo-code

Click on “Have Promocode ?” link to open a text box and enter your promo-code.

Applying promo-code on Youth4work Prep Test Upgrade

When you click the Apply button, the applicable discount will be applied automatically and the prices of the prep packs will change to new prices.

Discounted prices after applying promo-codes

Click on “Upgrade Now” button of any prep pack and proceed to make the payment.

Step 4: Making payments

First you would provide your account details, which can be edited. Continue after providing the details.

Your account details on Youth4work

Then you would get the transaction summary, wherein the option pack and its discounted price will be listed. Continue if the details are correct.

Transaction summary while making payment on Youth4work

Finally, you would be asked to choose the payment mode. Payments can be made through your debit / credit cards or net-banking to avail the discount. Youth4work has secured payment gateways to protect your banking details.

Selecting payment mode

Choose your option and proceed to your bank’s payment interface.

Users can get the promo-codes via many different sources and use them to avail benefits. Users can also share these codes with their friends to help them gain access to unlimited prep test resources. Find amazing discount coupons here !!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Any promo-code can be used only once by a user.
  • A user cannot use two promo-codes in a single transaction.
  • The unlimited access to tests will expire exactly after time period of the pack subscribed. A user will have to upgrade again to gain unlimited access.
  • Any upgrade by user again within the expiry time period will overwrite the previous upgrade...

For any doubts / queries on Youth4work Prep Tests and promo-codes, contact our support team at You can also call on +91 8826293205

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