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Rachit Jain, 31 , chucked the comforts of a corporate life to venture into the unknown. It was his zeal to be a pioneer to be a creator as his name aptly means. As Nobel Prize-winning French author Andre Gide said, ldquo Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. rdquo So out went the plump marketing job, and Jain set sail for unknown shores. Entrepreneurs are leaders with a vision and Jain always kne
Real Work Based on Real Talent
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Published on Aug 25,2013 by Rakesh Tripathi on Startoholics Youth4work is a platform that ranks the talents of youth after analyzing them to help them find jobs which are apparently most suitable for them. In other words, it helps talented professionals to connect with companies and increase their chances of employability. Youth4work has assisted 1, 75,000 students till now and is strongly linked with students from some of the most reputed c
Youth4Work is Helping Indian College Students in Finding Internships and Work
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Published on Sep 2,2011 by Willis Wee on Original Article is an online platform where companies and job-hungry college students meet. The idea is simple There are short-term projects available in the Indian market and there are hungry college students looking to work part-time or intern while they juggle their school work. Youth4work brings them together. Itrsquos a perfect fit for both companies and
Youth and Career Earn while you Learn
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Published on Oct 19,2012 byMs Kanchan on Original Article With more than 27 lac graduates passed out in 2012 and increasing each year, the increasing variety of courses and qualifications has become a bigger challenge for understanding the lsquoRealrsquo preference of youth ldquofor workrdquo. The need of hour is a better eco-system for actual experiencing, engaging, evaluating youth. Thus, a large number of companies are re
Find Internship opportunities in India at Youth4Work
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Published on Sep 10,2011 by Mr C on Original Article In this competitive world, students often come across many challenges related to their study, internship and money. More over the main benefit of internship is that students can gain knowledge in the corporate world. There are various portals which help students in finding internship but most of them have not been successful. Hello Intern,Twenty19 Here is a New Startup Connects Indian Youth with Freelance Projects Posted by Companies
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Published on Sep 14,2011 on Original Article is launched as an online platform allowing youth to prove their talent and work on freelance projects posted by different companies. According to the company, students can learn, earn, find internships and build networks for early jobs. Within two months of its beta launch, Youth4Work has 1100 users and over 60 companies registered. They have about 300 uni
Want to earn some extra bucks while still in college? Go to
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Published on Jan 17,2012 on DNA Academy India Original Article Being the first of its kind, Youth4work is an online portal which has made the search for internships or jobs a financially rewarding and career enhancing experience for millions of students in India. At Youth4Work companies are outsourcing work to the versatile student community. This website enables companies to contact interested students for the completion of project wor
Website Connects Youth to Industry
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Published on Sep 30,2011 by Saumya Bhatia on Asian Age Every student in the country aspires for a job thatrsquos not only rewarding but also enriching. If they get this opportunity during their academic career to learn as well as earn, it is bound to give them an edge in the competitive world. There is a need for students who want to intern and companies who outsource their projects to freelancers/ students in the relative field. Sensing the
Work While You Are Still Studying As Youth4work Connects Industry And Students
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Published on June 1,2012 by Anannya Debnath on Every student who wants to do something in life, make it big sets goals for himself, aspires for a job thatrsquos enriching as well as rewarding. Thatrsquos what they call job satisfaction. Isnrsquot it How cool would it be if such a job can be found in the first professional formative yearshellip while one is still in college Itrsquos sure to give an upper edge. But do you really
Youth4work is Bridging the Gap between Academics and Industry
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Published on May 15,2012 by Shivangi Sharma on Original Article Employment is one of the biggest issues that an individual and on a larger scale, the globe faces. But as many facts of life are, the supply does not always meet the demand. To top it off, employability also faces a problem of mismatch. As a popular Monster advert showcased, what skills people possess and what they do at their jobs are sometimes not even vaguely
Interning in the Real World
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Published on July 7,2012 by Suchismita Pai on Life365. Education is incomplete without a dash of experience. helps students sink their teeth into some real work while still at college. The numbers are in. Of the 1.5 million engineering graduates in India, 75 per cent are unemployable in Indias high-growth global industries, says a survey by the National Association of Software and Services Companies. Worrisome numbers The
Youth4Work May Just Be The Place For Youthful Spirits Looking For Passionate Work
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Published on Aug 7,2012 by Holly Hutton on Killer Startups Original Article The concept behind Youth4work is pretty cool- if you have a project that needs to get worked on, be it freelance or full-time, you post the job, and youth could be a student or an 80-year-oldhellip as long as theyrsquore spirited submit their work, you choose the best work and pay the winner. This way you get to choose from a pool of talent and get your project co
Identifying and Connecting Real Talents with Real Work
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Published on Aug 15,2012 by Shivani Sharma Often faced with the challenge of identifying the right talent especially in the case of people with no real work experience, like fresh graduates from different colleges, find it hard to know their real talent along with gaining real work experience. Students wait for an opportunity to get exposed to the real corporate world and practically apply the theoretical knowledge in their respective field.
Welcome to the Pragmatic World of Earning while Learning
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Published on Aug 4,2012 by Shivani Sharma on Delhi Aubtak As market situation keeps on recording instability of jobs and their continuity, one needs to be open to a new, continuous, and dynamic concept of redefining career dimensions. As the Indian Economy stretches its arms to global markets, opportunities at different levels are getting embraced day-by-day. There has been a consequential and simultaneous rise in responsibilities and wa
A Mantra for Success
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Published on Sep 3,2012 by Diya Chowdhury Today, companies are faced with a unique challenge of harnessing lsquorealrsquo talent. With scores of graduates every year arriving on the job scene, it is imperative that companies recognize the right talent that bolsters their progress and success. But, it is something like a chicken-and-egg situation, where a right talent is understood only after the recruitment culminates into results sought by
Let Your Talents Do The Talking
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Published on Sep 9,2012 by Shivani Sharma in The Capital Post As talent is the only criteria of making right judgment, let the trumpet of your proficiency make an echoing impact in the horizon of your vocation Martin Luther King Jr. once said quotIf a man is called to be a street-sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all
Education In Interest Or Interest In Education?
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Published on Aug 11,2012 by Shivani Sharma Published on Sep 15,2012 in Great Mangla Times Students, the building blocks of a prosperous future of a country, need a clear mind-set of what they are doing and what they want to do. Despite choosing the career where they are naturally good, majority of the students are confused and end up with the jobs which are not in sync with either their talent or their educational background. According
Youth4Work unleashing potential in Youth
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Published on Sep 21,2012 by Tommi Grossi on About your Original Article Youth4work , being one of its kind, is not just helping youth to get recognition, experience and certificate for their talents, but is also helping them realize their dreams and enabling them to work towards the career of their choice. In nutshell, Youth4work identifies connects real talent with real work. Also, provides a transparent
Youth working towards the career of their choice
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Published on Sep 21,2012 by Sankalp Mathur, a new born beam of illuminated ideas is showing a new way to the employment obsessed generation and the corporations who look for the lsquoright talentrsquo for recruitments . Students no longer are struggling for the right opportunity to showcase their true talents. They are no longer struggling to find work that they love to do. The revolution and the future are not just about f
Youngsters choose diverse careers in changing eco conditions
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Published on Oct 7,2012 by Press Trust of India on Financial Express, First Post, NDTV Profit and Original Article With changing economic scenario and increasing choices, many youngsters are choosing careers that are different from what they are academically qualified for, according to experts. The trend of people opting for different career paths are seen more among engineering students, they said. Going by data compiled
70 percent freshers leave job in two years
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Published on Feb 6,2013 by Sangeeta Yadav in The Pioneer Rachit Jain , Founder and CEO , Youth4Worktells Sangeeta yadav about the online assessment platform that caters to all groups and will help in the recruitment process What is Youth4work all about Youth4work provides a common platform to students to prove themself according to company standards. Based on this metric, various organisations will hire the most suitable candidate fo
Youth4Work's Modernized Job Search
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Published on Oct 12,2014 by Misha Raina in The Himachal Times There was this era, if you remember where finding the right kind of job profile and companies was a tiresome task. You would of course remember when most of the people had to go running around to attend endless job interviews and then get turned down because, well in their words ldquoyou are not well-suited for the jobrdquo or ldquoyou donrsquot have the qualities or expertise we
How Youth4work got 300K users on their platform
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Published on April 3,2014 by Alok Soni on Original Article With over six million graduates looking for a job every year, recruiting the right talent becomes challenging for employers. Because of the time constraints and given the wide pool of talent, personal interactions or resume short listing is not the most efficient way to approach prospective employees. This problem encompassing job seekers, employers and colleg
Youth4work Raises approx Rs 3cr
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Published on Dec 9,2014 by Shonali Advani in Economic Times Original Article Delhi-based Youth4work, a startup offering pre-assessed talent-for-hire to companies, has raised 0.5 million . 2.8 crore in bridge capital from Aurum Equity Partners, Global Asia Partners, and UKbased angel investor Dan Sandhu. Founded by Rachit Jain in 2012, Youth4work is a platform where individuals showcase their talent and skills, that are finally test