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Name Course College Location yRank
Chetan Ramjibhai Sanghani Chetan Ramjibhai Sanghani BE BTech SIE Surat 1
Pavan Sengar Pavan Sengar BE BTech SDCET Noida 2
Kumar Adepu Kumar Adepu BE BTech RGUKT Hyderabad 3
Govind Sharma Govind Sharma BE BTech LPU Delhi 4
Palpandi M Palpandi M MCA SJCE Chennai 5
Smrutiranjan Tripathy Smrutiranjan Tripathy BE BTech BPUT Bangalore 6
Sanni Kumar Singh Sanni Kumar Singh Bsc Mathematics IEC Siwan 7
Eshwar Prasad Eshwar Prasad BE BTech PESU Bangalore 8
Divyamohan Kashyap Divyamohan Kashyap BE BTech TI Haridwar 9
Garima Mishra Garima Mishra Other RRSIMT Delhi 10
Rahul Sharma Rahul Sharma BE BTech UPTU Delhi 11
Charan Raj T C Charan Raj T C BE BTech SJCIT Bangalore 12
Shubham Jain Shubham Jain BCA PTU Indore 13
Raveendran Mariappan Raveendran Mariappan BE BTech GCE Chennai 14
Lohit Pant Lohit Pant BE BTech NIEC Delhi 15
Omkar Acharya Omkar Acharya BE BTech KLSGIT Belgaum 16
Rohan Nanasaheb Jadhav Rohan Nanasaheb Jadhav organic chemistry RBNBC Aurangabad 17
Anik Kumar Bhushan Anik Kumar Bhushan BE BTech MVJCE Bangalore 18
Cherukuri Navya Cherukuri Navya BE BTech BVCE Rajahmundry 19
Baban Sharma Baban Sharma BE BTech AMC Yamuna Nagar 20
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