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Name Course College Location yRank
Ravi Sharma Ravi Sharma BE BTech BPPIMTC Kolkata 1
Raja Babu Raja Babu FTCP Brilliant Computer Institute Auraiya 2
Sam T Sam T BE BTech SRMI Delhi 3
Amrita Bhattacharya Amrita Bhattacharya M.Sc ACC Mumbai 4
Anand Agarwal Anand Agarwal B.Com SOL Delhi 5
Santoshbadatya Santoshbadatya MCA TI Mumbai 6
Neeraja Neeraja BE BTech ACE Bangalore 7
Himanshu Kumar Singh Himanshu Kumar Singh CCC Not Specified Agra 8
Deepa Verma Deepa Verma B.Com DU Delhi 9
Shazia P Shazia P AAASP MGIT Hyderabad 10
Deepika Rawat Deepika Rawat BE BTech JMI Ghaziabad 11
Chandra Bhusan Dubey Chandra Bhusan Dubey B.Sc DRMLAU Gonda 12
Kyadari Shailaja Kyadari Shailaja ME MTech VCE Hyderabad 13
Keshav Joshi Keshav Joshi BE BTech PCET Bikaner 14
Falana Dhimka Falana Dhimka BE BTech GCECT Kolkata 15
Himanshi Kaushik Himanshi Kaushik Not Specified University of Delhi Delhi 16
Mounika Reddy Mounika Reddy BE BTech VCE Kozhikode 17
Karan Soni Karan Soni BA MEC Meerut 18
Ashish Kumar Ashish Kumar ADFSE AU Mumbai 19
Simran Kaur Simran Kaur Not Specified QEMGCW Delhi 20
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  • Real work proof
    Performance based on freelance projects by companies where they pay and certify for work
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  • Adaptive intelligence test
    yScores are based on intelligent adaptive tests to determine the True Talent level
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  • Activeness
    Based on user activity and profile we determine youth with real interest for work.
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