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Name Course College Location yRank
Srikanth Reddy Srikanth Reddy BE BTech GEC Warangal 1
Sushantha Sv Sushantha Sv BE BTech VCET Puttur 2
Vinay Singh Vinay Singh B.Sc SMLC JhunJhunu 3
Mistry Sunny Mistry Sunny DE GP Visnagar 4
Madhan Kumar Madhan Kumar B.Sc PSGCT Coimbatore 5
Arijit Guha Arijit Guha BE BTech RCCIIT Kolkata 6
Benetha C. T. Benetha C. T. BE BTech PSGITAR Coimbatore 8
Sourav Banerjee Sourav Banerjee BE BTech SIT Bhubaneswar 9
Rushikesh Uday Juikar Rushikesh Uday Juikar EXTC BVCOE Navi Mumbai 10
Jatin Sharma Jatin Sharma BE BTech Nitra Technical Campus Ghaziabad 11
Aryan Tripathi Aryan Tripathi DCA SSPI Delhi 12
Shwetali Sunil Patil Shwetali Sunil Patil BE BTech PVPIT Sangli 13
Ram Viswa Ram Viswa BCA BU Bangalore 14
Arjun Ambekar Arjun Ambekar DEC Hanagal sri kumareshwara polytechnic Ballari 15
Narendra Jena Narendra Jena BE BTech GEC Berhampur 16
Asitabh Paul Asitabh Paul B.Sc WDC Secunderabad 17
Shanmathy Muruganandam Shanmathy Muruganandam BE BTech VSBCET Coimbatore 18
Vandana N Vandana N BE BTech BVCEC Singapore 19
Soniya Rajan.S.S Soniya Rajan.S.S BE BTech BMCE Kollam 20
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