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Name Course College Location yRank
Shiv Kumar Yadav Shiv Kumar Yadav BE BTech DMCSCET Delhi 1
Jyoti Ambi Jyoti Ambi MCA CMRIT Bangalore 2
P Krishna Reddy P Krishna Reddy MCA CIT Bangalore 3
Shwetapadma Babu Shwetapadma Babu BE BTech GCE Sambalpur 4
Sripadha Donikena Sripadha Donikena BE BTech KITS Warangal 5
Doodhi Nikitha Doodhi Nikitha BE BTech KMIT Hyderabad 6
Sahil Verma Sahil Verma BE BTech ABESEC Ghaziabad 7
Dinesh Kumar Pandey Dinesh Kumar Pandey BE BTech CMREC Hyderabad 8
Abhilash Kumar Srivastava Abhilash Kumar Srivastava ME MTech KIIT Delhi 9
Gade Vipul Gade Vipul Others SKBPP Mumbai 10
Maruti Suresh Surwase Maruti Suresh Surwase BE BTech JSPMGI Pune 11
Ameena Begum Ameena Begum MBA PSMCS Hyderabad 12
Nitish Awasthi Nitish Awasthi MCA TOCE Bangalore 13
Nitesh Kumar Nitesh Kumar BE BTech DBCREC Bangalore 14
Anchal Bhageria Anchal Bhageria MCA NIT Chennai 15
Medikonda Johny Kiran Medikonda Johny Kiran Bsc CS OU Hyderabad 16
Vishvajit Kumar Vishvajit Kumar BE BTech MAIIT Delhi 17
Pradhan Shivam Pankaj Pradhan Shivam Pankaj BE BTech LDCE Ahmedabad 18
Digvijay Gujale Digvijay Gujale BCA TIT Pune 19
Dhaval Mehta Dhaval Mehta BE BTech LDRPITR Gandhinagar 20
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