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Name Course College Location yRank
Santosh A Patil Santosh A Patil Automobile engineering BVVSP Bagalkot 1
Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar Diploma of mechanical engineer Other Rohtak 2
Manoj Mahesh Sharma Manoj Mahesh Sharma SSC Skill Certification Course TP Mumbai 3
Arif Mallick Arif Mallick Diploma in automobile engineering Other Debipur 4
K V R Pavan Kumar K V R Pavan Kumar BE BTech ASEB Bangalore 5
Ramandeep Kaur Ramandeep Kaur BE BTech Other Amritsar 6
Vishnu J Nair Vishnu J Nair BE BTech TASOI Bangalore 7
Yash Sharadrao Thote Yash Sharadrao Thote BE BTech GCE Ankleshwar 8
Deepanraj P Deepanraj P BE BTech GKMCET Chennai 9
Payal Gupta Payal Gupta BE BTech Other Bhubaneswar 10
Harikrishna M Harikrishna M BE BTech KCET Virudhunagar 11
Jahir Hussain Jahir Hussain BE BTech BCET Durgapur 12
Sindhuja M Sindhuja M BE BTech Other Dindigul 13
Vignesh Kumar Vignesh Kumar BE BTech SNSCT Coimbatore 14
Siddhartha Shakya Siddhartha Shakya Intermidiate Other Etawah 15
Amtul Shaafi Amtul Shaafi BE BTech PDACE Gulbarga 16
Haider Ali Haider Ali BE BTech KNRCER Hyderabad 17
Surabhi Chille Surabhi Chille CCEW Pune 18
Saravana Kumar C Saravana Kumar C BE BTech KCET Virudhunagar 19
Sai Chandan Raju Padmaraju Sai Chandan Raju Padmaraju BE BTech IIIT Bhubaneswar 20
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