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Name Course College Location yRank
Divyani Gupta Divyani Gupta BE BTech MGMCOET Noida 21
Anirban Das Anirban Das Bsc CS VC Kolkata 22
Aniket Dabade Aniket Dabade BE BTech DMCE Navi Mumbai 23
Akhil Bajpai Akhil Bajpai BE BTech SRMU Chennai 24
Vishal Talape Vishal Talape ME MTech PESMCE Pune 25
Manojkumar P Yadav Manojkumar P Yadav ME MTech VIT Mumbai 26
Rahul Kumar Rahul Kumar BE BTech GLAU Mathura 27
Kush Prakash Srivastava Kush Prakash Srivastava BE BTech ASET Noida 28
Harsh Kasundra Harsh Kasundra BE BTech DJSCE Mumbai 29
Nikesh Kumar Nikesh Kumar BE BTech JU Kolkata 30
Saikot Roy Saikot Roy BE BTech GCECT Kolkata 31
Sandesh Goyal Sandesh Goyal BE BTech SGSITS Indore 32
Rohit Patil Rohit Patil BE BTech RAIT Mumbai 33
Krishnan  A Krishnan A BE BTech ASEB Bangalore 34
Nakka Leela Prasanth Nakka Leela Prasanth BE BTech LBRCE Vijayawada 35
Tamasa Das Tamasa Das BE BTech NIT Kolkata 36
Sahil Kaushal Sahil Kaushal BE BTech MIT Manipal 37
Vamsi Krishna Chennakesavula Vamsi Krishna Chennakesavula BE BTech NEC Nellore 38
Udit Adhikari Udit Adhikari BE BTech MCKVIE Kolkata 39
Surya Nayak Surya Nayak BE BTech OEC Bhubaneswar 40
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