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Name Course College Location yRank
Abhilash Kumar Srivastava Abhilash Kumar Srivastava ME MTech KIIT Delhi 1
Rukmini Rasalkar Rukmini Rasalkar BE BTech DSCE Bangalore 2
Abhishek Singh Abhishek Singh BE BTech IDCW Ghaziabad 3
Sourav Gogoi Sourav Gogoi BE BTech ADBU Assam 4
Poonam Saxena Poonam Saxena ME MTech BV Pune 5
Rigveda V Rigveda V BE BTech SREC Hyderabad 6
Ramesh Bayya Ramesh Bayya BE BTech AITS Hyderabad 7
Shashank Shekhar Shashank Shekhar BE BTech AU Lucknow 8
Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar BE BTech SSIT Hyderabad 9
Jothi M Jothi M MCA ABESEC Bangalore 10
Rasamalla  Uday Rasamalla Uday B.Sc ADC Hyderabad 11
Vishnuprabhu V Vishnuprabhu V BE BTech KCET Virudhunagar 12
Rabi Sahu Rabi Sahu BE BTech BPUT Bangalore 13
Sindhunavi M Sindhunavi M BE BTech DGCT Salem 14
John Harry John Harry BE BTech IIT Bangalore 15
Duraikannan M Duraikannan M MCA PSNEC Chennai 16
Prabha G Prabha G BE BTech KCET Sivakasi 17
Sanjay Yadav Sanjay Yadav 12th AIT Pune 18
Viraj Mali Viraj Mali BE BTech PU Pune 19
Dipashri Dhanaraj Mahale Dipashri Dhanaraj Mahale BE BTech SSVPSBSDCE Pune 20
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