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Name Course College Location yRank
Dipak Madhukar Khedekar Dipak Madhukar Khedekar electonic and communicetion DIEMS Aurangabad 1
Praveen Fuloria Praveen Fuloria BE BTech QST Bangalore 2
Vel Kumar Vel Kumar BE BTech TOCE Bangalore 3
Kumaresh Babu J.V Kumaresh Babu J.V MCA KLNCE Chennai 4
Rohit Kishor Vadnere Rohit Kishor Vadnere BE BTech PREC Nashik 5
Kushagra Das Kushagra Das BE BTech TAT Hyderabad 6
Shaila Vijay Bhagwat Shaila Vijay Bhagwat BE BTech KCCE Thane 7
Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar MCA BCIIT Delhi 8
Erappa Naik U Erappa Naik U BE BTech Other Bangalore 9
Khadija Parween Khadija Parween MCA PWC Patna 10
Vaibhav Dixit Vaibhav Dixit BE BTech KIIT Pune 11
Arnav Mukhopadhyay Arnav Mukhopadhyay BE BTech UC Kolkata 12
Himanshu Kumar Himanshu Kumar MCA AIMT Noida 13
Thota Vijay Thota Vijay BE BTech VCE Warangal 14
Sourabh Rajendra Ambarshetti Sourabh Rajendra Ambarshetti MCA ATSSIICMR Pune 15
Lavudi Shashikala Lavudi Shashikala BE BTech VNRVJIET Secunderabad 16
Chandni Desai Chandni Desai BCA Other Jetpur 17
Saravanan N Saravanan N ME MTech MIT Chennai 18
Sonali Gajare Sonali Gajare BE BTech JSPMGI Pune 19
Prem Dubey Prem Dubey BE BTech IIMTCE Hyderabad 20
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