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Name Course College Location yRank
Manju Mol P R Manju Mol P R BE BTech TKMIT Kollam 1
Ikram Shah Ikram Shah Bsc CE Other Chandigarh 2
Gaurav Dubey Gaurav Dubey BE BTech GNIT Greater Noida 3
Saurabh Kumar Saurabh Kumar BE BTech RPSIT Patna 4
Raj Paneru Raj Paneru BE BTech ADTU Guwahati 5
Jishnu Raj Jishnu Raj BE BTech KITS Nagpur 6
Mohan Das Mohan Das BE BTech ACE Hosur 7
Karthiyayani R Karthiyayani R BE BTech SEC Chennai 8
Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Sharma BE BTech SATI Bhopal 9
Santanu Bhunia Santanu Bhunia BE BTech CIT Kolkata 10
Rohit Agrawal Rohit Agrawal BE BTech CDGI Indore 11
Prashant Jain Prashant Jain BE BTech WIT Solapur 12
A.Imthiyas Ahamed A.Imthiyas Ahamed BE BTech Other Coimbatore 13
Mohit Jain Mohit Jain BE BTech WIT Solapur 14
Ganapati Sontakki Ganapati Sontakki Other GP Belagavi 16
Rabish Choudhary Rabish Choudhary BE BTech MSIT Kolkata 17
Shreya Subodh Mandloi Shreya Subodh Mandloi BE BTech MITCOE Pune 18
Ratnesh Kumar Ratnesh Kumar BE BTech RGI Bhopal 19
Aditya Dhanraj Gupta Aditya Dhanraj Gupta BE BTech PRMCEM Amravati 20
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