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Name Course College Location yRank
Brahma Prakash Shukla Brahma Prakash Shukla BE BTech RITM Lucknow 1
Veerakumar V Veerakumar V B.E CSE Other Sivakasi 2
Suvankar Maity Suvankar Maity DE CCP Kolkata 3
Ibrahim Anwar Khan Ibrahim Anwar Khan BE BTech AIKTC Mumbai 4
Gurleen Singh Gurleen Singh BCA GNIMT Ludhiana 5
Ankit Gangwar Ankit Gangwar BE BTech Other Garhwal 6
Avishek Srivastav Avishek Srivastav BE BTech SVCE Bangalore 7
Devi Nair Devi Nair BE BTech Other Kottayam 8
Sanket Girishkumar Mundada Sanket Girishkumar Mundada BE BTech DBAMU Aurangabad 9
Abhishek Gupta Abhishek Gupta I.Sc GNIT Greater Noida 10
Kiran Ramdas Nikwade Kiran Ramdas Nikwade BE BTech GCE Pune 11
Amrish Kumar B Amrish Kumar B BE BTech SNSCT Coimbatore 12
Pranjal Tiwari Pranjal Tiwari BE BTech CDGI Indore 13
Ankit Singh Ankit Singh BE BTech GNIT Greater Noida 14
Potnuru Venkataraviteja Potnuru Venkataraviteja BE BTech RVRJCCE Hyderabad 15
Omkar Nawathe Omkar Nawathe BE BTech PVGCET Pune 16
Vishnu G Vishnu G BE BTech AMSCE Chennai 17
Naba Kishore Padhy Naba Kishore Padhy M.Com Hyderabad 18
Suresh Kumar Jangir Suresh Kumar Jangir BE BTech SEC Sikar 19
Sagar Varma Sagar Varma BE BTech KMIT Hyderabad 20
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