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Name Course College Location yRank
Gurleen Singh Gurleen Singh BCA GNIMT Ludhiana 1
Varadhan Elango Varadhan Elango M.Sc UM Chennai 2
Rohit Marhatta Rohit Marhatta MBA GKU Gurgaon 3
Sanjay Rathi Sanjay Rathi MBA YMCAUST Faridabad 4
Zoha Salman Zoha Salman BE BTech MANUU Hyderabad 5
Eshant Garg Eshant Garg BE BTech GNIT Sikandrabad 6
Shyamanand Kumar Shyamanand Kumar BE BTech MSIT Delhi 7
Ashish Eknath Deokar Ashish Eknath Deokar BE BTech PVGCET Pune 8
Shyam Lalit Singh Shyam Lalit Singh ME MTech IIT Kharagpur 9
Shishir Kumar Shishir Kumar ME MTech NIFTEM Delhi 10
Amit Kumar Amit Kumar BE BTech YMCAUST Faridabad 11
Md Zamir Hasan Md Zamir Hasan BA HC Delhi 12
Anand Babu M Anand Babu M BE BTech PMRIT Chennai 13
Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Sharma BE BTech SATI Bhopal 14
Pravalika Sudharshanam Pravalika Sudharshanam BE BTech SNIST Hyderabad 15
Ashwini Belchada Ashwini Belchada BE BTech DDYPIET Pune 16
Nomula Bharath Nomula Bharath BE BTech Other Vijayawada 17
Amit Raj Amit Raj BE BTech IIT Kharagpur 18
Debajit Roy Debajit Roy M.A IGNOU Kolkata 19
Vivek Kumar Dongre Vivek Kumar Dongre BE BTech SATI Vidisha 20
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