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Name Course College Location yRank
Ajmal Kareem Ajmal Kareem BS MS IISER Ernakulam 1
Avik Bose Avik Bose BE BTech TICT Kolkata 2
Sandesh Goyal Sandesh Goyal BE BTech SGSITS Indore 3
Md Sarik Md Sarik BE BTech MCKVIE Kolkata 4
Manju Mol P R Manju Mol P R BE BTech TKMIT Kollam 5
Sandip Das Sandip Das BE BTech MIET Kolkata 6
Divisha Saxena Divisha Saxena BE BTech BVCE Pune 7
Amit Sharma Amit Sharma BE BTech JECRC Jaipur 8
Deepak Kumar Yadav Deepak Kumar Yadav BE BTech GKV Gurgaon 9
Surya Prakash Verma Surya Prakash Verma ME MTech IIT Bangalore 10
Shivanshu Tandon Shivanshu Tandon BE BTech Dr SS Bhatnagar university institute of chemical engineering and technology Chandigarh 11
Shailesh Kathole Shailesh Kathole BE BTech GCOEARA Pune 12
Akash Yadav Akash Yadav BE BTech MNIT Jaipur 13
Ruchir Shah Ruchir Shah BE BTech VGEC Ahmedabad 14
Rohit Kumar Rohit Kumar MBA NMIMS Mumbai 15
Ashish Gaur Ashish Gaur D. Ph IIT Delhi 16
Shubham Sharma Shubham Sharma BE BTech TIET Patiala 17
Vasant Raj Vasant Raj BE BTech SIT Pune 18
Gangadharan J Gangadharan J BE BTech PEC Chennai 19
Akhil Mittal Akhil Mittal BE BTech DDYPSOE Pune 20
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