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Name Course College Location yRank
Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar MCA BCIIT Delhi 1
Karthik Bhat Karthik Bhat BE BTech SMVITM Udupi 2
Archana Bichave Archana Bichave BE BTech SSBTCET Pune 3
Sahil Bharti Sahil Bharti MCA BCIIT Noida 4
Nitish Awasthi Nitish Awasthi MCA TOCE Bangalore 5
Sudhakar Mishra Sudhakar Mishra ME MTech WCE Bangalore 6
Rishabh Kalra Rishabh Kalra BE BTech HMRITM Delhi 7
Lovish Aggarwal Lovish Aggarwal BE BTech MBMEC Jodhpur 8
Sahil Mehta Sahil Mehta BE BTech SDDIET Chandigarh 9
Regula Lavanya Regula Lavanya BE BTech BRECW Hyderabad 10
Saravanan N Saravanan N ME MTech MIT Chennai 11
Garima Singh Garima Singh BE BTech AIMT Lucknow 12
Aishwarya Suresh Aishwarya Suresh BE BTech AGI Hyderabad 13
Vishal Vanraj Bari Vishal Vanraj Bari MCA KKWIEER Nashik 14
Priyanka Raman Priyanka Raman BE BTech MBIT Araria 15
Vamshi Krishna Tanneeru Vamshi Krishna Tanneeru BE BTech SMEC Hyderabad 16
Sourabh Rajendra Ambarshetti Sourabh Rajendra Ambarshetti MCA ATSSIICMR Pune 17
Vishva Deep MohanPandey Vishva Deep MohanPandey BE BTech IMSEC Delhi 18
Kalyan K Kalyan K BE BTech SKCT Coimbatore 19
Rajesh Ranjan Rajesh Ranjan BE BTech RGIT Pune 20
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