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Name Course College Location yRank
Arshabha Arya Arshabha Arya BE BTech GLAU Delhi 1
Pavithra M Pavithra M BE BTech CKCET Cuddalore 2
Ananth Sai Sujan Ananth Sai Sujan Masters in Electrical Engineering UT Chennai 3
Aashutosh Kumar Mishra Aashutosh Kumar Mishra DE SSITS Bazpur 4
Ashish Kumar Singh Ashish Kumar Singh BE BTech BVDUCE Pune 5
Krupa Kiran Krupa Kiran BE BTech Hyderabad 6
Sandesh Goyal Sandesh Goyal BE BTech SGSITS Indore 7
Sameer Rehman Sameer Rehman Other ANITS Visakhapatnam 8
Avik Saha Avik Saha BE BTech BPPIMT Kolkata 9
Harikrishnan K Harikrishnan K BE BTech SNGIST Kochi 10
Prince Tyagi Prince Tyagi BE BTech MAIT Delhi 11
Sk Md Faroque Sk Md Faroque ME MTech NITTTR Kolkata 12
Raj Preetham Thokala Raj Preetham Thokala BE BTech ANITS Visakhapatnam 13
Divya Bhushan Dewangan Divya Bhushan Dewangan BE BTech BIT Durg 14
Banke Bhatia Banke Bhatia BE BTech BVCE Pune 15
Vadlakonda Vivek Vadlakonda Vivek BE BTech CMRCET Hyderabad 16
Sachin Baragundi Sachin Baragundi BE BTech MSEC Bangalore 17
Mohd Amjad Mohd Amjad BE BTech JMI Delhi 18
Gyanendra Mishra Gyanendra Mishra BE BTech Gurgaon 19
Arnav Mukhopadhyay Arnav Mukhopadhyay BE BTech UC Kolkata 20
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