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Name Course College Location yRank
Akhil Siddanathi Akhil Siddanathi PGDM WIM Warangal 1
Jagadeesh M Jagadeesh M BE BTech MCE Tiruchirapalli 2
Konduru Vamsiteja Reddy Konduru Vamsiteja Reddy BE BTech KSRMCE Cuddapah 3
Bala Rajesh Bala Rajesh BE BTech KLU Hyderabad 4
Arshabha Arya Arshabha Arya BE BTech GLAU Delhi 5
Shubham Jain Shubham Jain BE BTech GGSCET Gurgaon 6
Fahad Tailor Fahad Tailor BE BTech MITS Madanapalle 7
Samaresh Maiti Samaresh Maiti BE BTech TI Kolkata 8
Atul Kumar Atul Kumar BE BTech YCCE Delhi 9
Mohit Rathee Mohit Rathee BE BTech HMRITM Delhi 10
Vinoth Raj S Vinoth Raj S BE BTech PSREC Sivakasi 11
Bikki Kumar Bikki Kumar BE BTech NIST Kolkata 12
Rajat Shukla Rajat Shukla BE BTech KNIT Kanpur 13
Sachin Tiwari Sachin Tiwari MCA JIMS Hyderabad 14
Rohit Sanghvi Rohit Sanghvi BE BTech MIT Pune 15
Kameswari Durvasula Kameswari Durvasula BE BTech MCET Hyderabad 16
Agarampalle Vani Agarampalle Vani BE BTech Indian Institute of Information Technology Chittoor 17
Vikas Naredra Patel Vikas Naredra Patel MBA MSPIMS Vadodara 18
Pritam Raghunath Chougule Pritam Raghunath Chougule BE BTech SITCOE Kolhapur 19
Ashish Kumar Ashish Kumar ME MTech DIAT Pune 20
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