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India is the youngest country in the world with more than 51 young people residing in this country but, today we see that many out of the educated youth remain unemployed. The reason behind is not that they are unemployable but because they might have looked for jobs that did not match their skill set or they possessed skill set which the company did not require. With more and more young people graduating every year with their professional skills, it becomes important that the talent pool does not go wasted. It is not that organizations do not have vacancies but its just that the requirements are not met or may be the people working may end up being dissatisfied with their job because they are unaware of their core competencies which should be groped and proceeded upon in order to get the best out of them. There is a gap between the skillscore competencies and the jobs which actually leads to this type of unemployment or job dissatisfaction. But if the right people with the right skills at the right time are found then companies are more than happy to work with them and extend efforts to work with such talents. Youth4work is a portal built to bridge this gap keeping the youth as the primary focus. The home page allows you to have various tests through yTest which allow you to have a look of your ranking out of the candidates taking the test for that particular test globally. Keeping in mind that now organizations work pushing the geographical territories, it is very much required to know the international benchmarking. This is where Y4W can be really helpful in letting you have the assessment which is just a click away. To have a profile in this portal is free with no difficulties taking just 30 seconds to make you a part of the big professional network. It allows you to have the top talents that you possess to be flashed in your profile and they can be anything from having a nice personality to having dancing skills to having SAP knowledge, and this is where it differs from other professional networks which focus primarily on the professional qualities of the individuals. Based on these you will have jobs suggestions on the dashboard. Also there will be information available regarding various jobs according to your location. Also, Y4W allows the fresher candidates to show the projects which they have worked on like Live projects/Internship project as evidences of your work done which add value to your profile. They are well considered by the employers connected to this network wherein there are large number of freshers or people having 1-4yrs of experience, as in job seekers. It allows students to have freelance projects that may allow them to make quick buck while still as there are companies which outsource their projects. Besides all these, Y4W allows you to take prep-tests for various examinations. Not only this, one can be aware of the various discussions taking place on various topics from politics to sports to crimes to global events. This will sure provide you with material to speak on and be aware of the surroundings you are living in. It has something in its kitty for the students, employers, have college related material and lots more. It allows students to be have jobs according to their interest in the changing and not become a part of the herd after being recruited in bulk. With a pool of 486,696 profiles, 5,986 colleges and 12,563 employers with over 18,642 jobs available here, Youth4Work is the Next Big Thing. So go ahead and be a part of this powerful talent community and fetch the right job for yourself in the formative years itself And yes I have my profile in this network and it has started being viewed by various recruiters already.

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