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which is the oldest language in the world?
Tamil obviously is the oldest language. Currently the oldest Tamil literature found is Tholkapiyam which was written in 300BC. This book is about the rules and regulations of Tamil grammar. According to other book and stories, the three kings who ruled ancient South India were Chera, Chola, and the Pandava. These three kings, had established 39sangams39 ie. organizations to improve the Tamil as it was just orally spoken with no clear rules at that time. So there has been 3 sangams so far each, which lasted for thousands of years. During the 2nd sangam, a huge flood had destroyed prettymuch the whole kingdom and all the manuscripts had sunken. only a few which were saved by the people survived. After all this chaos, some Tamil philosophers I forgot the names had established the third sangam. till now tamil is in the third sangam. this tholkapiyam belonged to the 2nd sangam. So a book which belongs to the second sangam itself is dated to 300BC what about the books in the 1st sangam. I dont think this 3 sangam thing is a lie too. Because would ancient tamil poets be like, quotright people lets write down a story so that folks in the modern world will think that Tamil is the oldest languagequot... I dont think so. Even if you dont believe this story, think logically. A grammar book itself is so old so how long would it have taken to develop a language with a script. It39s no easy job. Remember this was the first language we are talking about. Tamil is the mother of all dravidan languages. Sanskrit which now is a dead language came from tamil, only the last few letters in sanskrit are different from tamil and in turn all western languages came from sanskrit. There are also some proof that a huge continent called Lemuria and kumarikandam in tamil is a submerged continent and is where humans originated.

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