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LIFE: A sine wave philosophy
We all were initially zero. Now you can feel the change from the initial position. So where are you now D You still staying in that zero position Haha. That sucks right You already changed from that. And you know that well, than anyone. Assuming your whole life as a single sine wave is an easy task Birth and Death Two important terms of a life cycle They both have the magnitude zero Zero value means nothing That is, you are starting from a NOTHING And you will end in the same NOTHING Look The concept is getting same as a sine wave This is a general aspect only. Every person is different So it is not an easy task to analysis the sine wave philosophy in personal basis. What I am trying here is to provide an idea or an overview of how a personal life can be represented by using a single sine wave Waves are different like persons Can you be confident over the sinusoidal nature of supply waveform No I guess. Supply waveform is distorted in its nature. Who is the responsible one for that distortion Haha. May be the non-linear loads connected to it right Yes. It is This distort waveform is our LIFE You can plan to be a perfect person in a paper or in your Facebook wall It is not possible in your real life How many of you are confident on your perfectionism No one Im not saying against your good behavior/ personality. It is based on the fact that idealism or perfectionism is theoretical It has no practical sense So look at the sine waveform again Sinusoidal nature of that waveform is theoretical No system can provide perfect sinusoidal waveform It is because some losses are associated with the supply system or may be because of unwanted signal added up with the waveform. Whatever be the reason, the conclusion is same Idealism or perfectionism is not possible So you can see few distorted signals there in the figure above Which one represents your life p No waveform It is not because I am not familiar with distorted signal Even my major project deals with this p It is because you all are unique in nature Both physically and mentally Sine wave philosophy is deals with the nature of a life Every life follows the pattern for sure. The difference in following the pattern is may be because of the variation in amplitude or time etc. But the pattern remains the same Ups and Downs will be thereHow you rectify them to positive is important Rather than putting an inverting rectifier there in the output section, you can put a high pulse positive rectifier there. High pulse will improve the average value of your life. But the only problem is that to find out a high pulse rectification method for your life So if you have any methods for that, please let me know p BECAUSE, IM SUFFERING WITH AN INVERTING RECTIFIER AT MY OUTPUT SECTION

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