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Why Life Sucks?
This is the question which appears in our mind every day but next day again when we wake up then we are not going to review why life sucks.
For Example:
"Before submitting our answer sheet in examination we take a review of answer sheet for ensuring that same mistake is not repeated as done in previous exam" if we take a review every day of our life that what mistakes we did today so accordingly we are not going to repeat the same mistake another day.
Concepts of life:
1) Do not live as servant
2) Judge the mistakes and need to learn from them
3) Enjoy your life every day in every situation
What is life?
Life is Me & I, now question arises what is Me & I?
Both are different concepts
1) Me: It suggest us what our surrounding requires
2) I: It suggest what we require
If we live by listening the sound of me & I then life didn't sucks but if we live it by listening sound of only one either it’s Me or I then absolutely life sucks
It's depend up on us how we are going to live our life.
Time is precious so take time for and reviews the mistakes.

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