Interview Tips

5 Ways to answer Tricky questions in an Interview
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Well there are so many questions which we can easily label as tricky ones, but there are some like ones, which ask you your salary expectations, those wherein yoursquore asked to perform an extempore role play and the ones where the interviewer asks you to name your favorite color or fruit. Sounds bizarre But isnrsquot the concept of interview altogether the same. 1. Sometimes yoursquore even asked questions such as those where yo
13 Tips to Crack a Job Interview
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Personal interviews are well known for the nervy moments they have on the aspiring candidates, whether its for a job or an admission in a B-school . Theyrsquore also the final obstacle in your avenue to reach the pinnacle of success. Once subdued, you invariably attain the cloud nine moment. Personal interview is one of the oldest tools for assessing someone verbally and they have been existed since the existence of professional competitive
10 Tips for Group Discussions
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Well if the no. of candidates is high, many corporate and B Schools organize group discussions or GDs as theyrsquore popularly known in the youth community. The purpose of GD is to sieve out interested candidates from those whorsquore not interested. There are two modes, either a single topic is given to speak on else two or more are given and the candidates decide among themselves on which topic theyrsquoll speak. To make a good impres
10 Tips for Telephonic Interview
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One must necessarily keep the following point in mind when having telephonic interview Just make sure, yoursquore well aware of the timings when yoursquoll get the call from the interviewer . You must be calm and answer in continuous non monotonous tone. Ideally, one must avoid outdoors and high altitude, as it can create network issues. If possible, make sure you can have the interview on your landline phone . Allow the in
12 Tips for acing a Video Interview
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Nowadays due to paucity of time on both sides, i.e. interviewer and interviewee, there has been as increased dependence on interview via video chat on media such as Skype and Google Hangout . On most occasions this mode of interview is considered as the final round before offer is made. Interviews via video chat are in vogue especially for filing up certain senior leadership positions among the corporate, however many educational institutes
Tips for having stress free Job Interviews
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Keeping a check on every small detail can help you feel less pressurized, calm and confident for the big day. This can be done through research and preparation about the company , the job position and prepare questions-answers. Use your online presence Try to know about the company through its official website. Try to trace its employees, their background and how they have evolved as an organization as it will give you a good idea about the o
Make your Mark in an Interview
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Interviews are not always just and objective so it is important to make sure that the interviewer does not misjudge you. Here are few ways to do so. Get off to a good start There is no doubt that first impression matters a lot. Researches suggest that an interviewer makes a hiring decision within 90 seconds of meeting you. It is the way you dress, act and walk that gather the interviewerrsquos attention. Dress to impress
6 Definitive ways for improving your communication skills
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Communication is a key aspect of our professionallives. No matter what level you39ve achieved there must be constant learning curve when it comes to improving your communication skills to a greater level. Here are a few ways through which you can work can up your game. 1. One to One Interaction Multitasking holds relative importance in our professional lives. However, when it comes to conversing with others, it is better to indulg
Youth4work Interview Tips
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Youth4Work has come up with a small list of tweeks that you can inculcate in yourself to make a mark on the interviewer . Dress right for the interview as you would dress for the job. Men should go for business formals, this means a dark-coloured suit and tie and dark-coloured shoes. For women , a skirt suit or pant suit in a dark colour, along with closed toe shoes and subtle makeup. If you39re not