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Youth4work Profile Popularity
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Youth4work is a talent assessment platform with more than 5,00,000 registered users . Thousands of users log-in everyday in order to improve their skill set thereby improving their chances of getting hired by companies. It is very important for the Youth of India to understand that recruiters nowadays are not just looking for candidates with a single employable quality, but are more focused on hiring candidates with experience in multiple profil
Youth4work Profile Completeness Meter
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Every user registered on Youth4work is expected to keep his online assessed profile updated at all times. It is necessarybecause employers and recruiters will deduce if you are worth their time and effort through this profile. How to keep check on your Profile Completeness As soon as you log-in your user account on Youth4work, go to homepage and yoursquoll find a Profile Completeness Graph in the form of a speedometer. The ar
Youth4work Premium Profile
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More than 70 recruiters and employers are now using Google search to check your online presence and popularity. To be in the top search would serve as a great first impression and will enhance your chances of getting hired. Youth4work Premium Profile boosts your online profile with the help of some add-on features. Some of the most noteworthy features of Youth4work Premium Profile are 1. Get Verified Profile Status
Youth4work Matching Talents with Opportunities
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A blend of fulfilling corporate requirements efficiently and helping the youngsters grow through corporate learning is what the non-profit organization Youth4work advocates. Rachit Jain, the founder of the firm believes in his team and the team ensures that the corporate companies and students instill the same trust in the company. College students have access to a lot of resources, right from college library and study materials, to their fr