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Importance of Psychometric Analysis for  Candidates
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Across industries, verticals and domains, employers lament over a fact pertaining to high proliferation of unethical behavior among the employees which in reality commences with the faking during the interview process. Surprisingly, concocting facts has now become the norm during the interview process. Candidates find it easy to produce false credentials and reference on their resumes, some are even pro to manipulate during the rigorous interview
Top 3 Assessment companies in India
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Proliferation of Information Technology has not only helped unwrap a niche employment domain but also tweaked the manner in which employment process is carried out. Gone are the days when newspapers played a pivotal role in recruitment industry. However, now almost every company resorts to robust assessment pedagogy to test the talent and skills of candidates applying for various posts of their organization. Although, therersquore many vendo
What do you want to become- Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark?
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Admit It. We all get a bit nostalgic over our childhood memories. Those were the days - the days of freedom when being crazy was acceptable and at times considered cute. Who can forget the gully cricket matches with the opposite neighborhood, the freakishly cheap popsicles that always made someone sick but no one ever stopped buying them Re 1 was a lot when you are 6 years old in 1997 and the most important ndash Our Superheroes . Sooner or La
5 Things Our College Fail To Teach
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It is rightly said. College Years will be the best days of our lives. For many, it might be a drastic change of lifestyle, leaving the cozy environment of their hometowns and relocating to a different city. For others, a wish they longed for since they were little. Mass Bunk, Canteen Food, Shitty Dorm Rooms, Desperate struggle to maintain a decent attendance score throughout college semester and our Last Minute Habit of finishing assignments,
Choosing the Right Candidate via Youth4work
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Manpower is considered as the greatest asset of any company and hiring the right pool of talented personnel is a big challenge for the companies in modern state of affairs. In India there are more than 99.6 lacs youngsters heading to colleges everyday in the hope of completing their degrees and get placed in good companies. But choosing the best suitable one from this vast and meshed group of people is indeed a challenging job. The method of hiri
Self Assessment of the Indian Youth for a Better Future
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Since the time India has seen the Liberalization and economic reforms, what has changed drastically is the power to informed youth. 20 years hence, the parents who were kids in lsquo90s, would be slightly confused, whose Youth is better The power of information has brought along great devices and great vices. Thanks to the research in micro-processors and data transmission arena. It has actually redefined The Poverty Line. And Indian Youth