4 Steps to take yTests on Youth4work
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There are very few fields that are spared from fierce cut-throat neck-breaking competition. And where there’s competition, there will be assessments and tests whose toughness evolves with time. In India itself, every year approx. 30 lakh youth graduate and face the music of competition and try to showcase their talents and skills to get relevant career opportunities.

What would youth do to assess oneself on a perceived but specific skill or talent? Where can youth find hundreds of free online tests for skills and talents? Youth4work’s Free Online yTests exist to enable youth to gauge youth’s performance on a particular talent w.r.t. other youth.
So why would a Youth want to take yTests?

To check where the youth perform on particular talent. Thousands of youth give these yTests and compete to be on top.

To find and learn from the Leaders in that talent. This peer learning aspect enables you to keep up to date and also ensures that you have a holistic set of skills necessary for your development.

What are these yTests?
  • yTests are simple 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) free online tests for any talent.
  • Every question has 4 option answers to choose the correct answer.
  • Every question has different time span to answer (mostly few seconds).
  • Every question has Artificial Intelligence attached to it, i.e. the question adjusts its hardness and time required to answer based on every attempt made by the user. Depending on your answers to questions you’ll get the next questions. Every next question after a correct answer will have a higher difficulty level.
The nerds in our tech team have developed an Algorithm to actually create a real-time competition between each question and each test-taker. The algorithm is continuously learning from youth interactions and getting talented about how to rank each question and each user.
Benefits of yTests
  • Giving yTest increases your yRank in that talent. Your yScore is the most important factor to increase your yRank.
  • Any talent that you take yTest for, gets added to your talent profile automatically. Hence your profile becomes eligible to get matched with job opportunities requiring that talent.
  • You become a part of the talent community, participate in discussion forums asking & answering questions, earning reputation points and encashing them.
  • Employers and Recruiters are moving towards pre-hire assessments and shortlist people who have already proven their talents.
  • Employers and Recruiters connect with the top rankers (sometimes up to 500-600 ranks) on Youth4work directly through mails for relevant job opportunities.
How to take yTests?
How to give yTests?
Step 1 - Choosing your Talent
Pick a set of talents that you possess and want to assess. Click Here to see all yTest Talents or search the test from web page header Search Bar.
Which yTests exist?
Choose the yTests from the list as shown above. The main pages display all the most popular tests, youth with yRank 1 and total attempts on the questions of the test. Clicking on Other Talents will take you to the Talent Board of that talent with a complete list of all yRanked youth.

Step 2 - Taking the test
Take the yTests and answer the 10 questions that follow. You get one practice question to get a feel of the test and question type.


After answering the practice question, you can click on OK, BEGIN TEST button to go for the main test with 10 MCQs.

The questions will then start coming up one by one in the following fashion. Every question will show a timer just above to indicate the average time all the correct attempts are being made in.
After answering each question, you’ll see the following screen with the hardness level of question, correct and incorrect answers. You can also see who has posted the question and give your feedback about the question in the space provided.
When you click on Check Detailed link, you’ll see following insights: how many youth chose which option, total attempts, recent attempts and time taken by users to answer the question and the geographical locations on a map where the tests are attempted from.

Step 3 - Knowing your yScore
After the test is over, you get your yScore. The Scores are on a scale of 0 to 100. Your score reflects how you rank against other people who have taken the same Talent Test.
Thus, if you score of 78 for Talent PHP means that your talent is somewhere around 78 on a scale of 100 amongst all people tested for PHP.
If you aren’t happy with the score, do not worry. Take a retest to improve your yScore. In retests, the already attempted questions will never be repeated.
After every attempt, you’ll able to see your yRank globally, amongst the youth of your own college and in the city you are based at !! You can analyse what improvements have to be brought about to get higher yRanks.


Step 4 - Sharing the yTest
Though the yTest process gets over by Step 3 itself, we recommend you to take up this step too. Share the yTest (and yScore if you wish to) on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and let the world know your talent and about the test.


While sharing the yTest on social platforms, the above default message appears along with a link to the yTest page. You can customize the message also as you wish to. We encourage you to share all the yTests that you attempt so as to promote and invite more and more youth !!

As quoted above, yTest is the Most Important Criterion to make your profile stronger and better than other youth. Only the youth who have taken yTests get higher ranks, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

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  • Thanks for this initiative...
    I am a new user. I am facing a problem: whenever I complete a question within the time limit, the next one doesnt appear. I have to refresh the page again. I think this (bug) should be taken care of...or am I missing something?