Top 5 Kinds of Food College Students cant live without
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If you are from an Engineering College, enjoying and relishing the hostel life, You do understand that the luxury of using Zomato and actually going to an expensive place is a once in a blue moon event. More importantly, you don39t want to spend all that money on food,especially, when Gupta Ji Paranthe Wala is just around the corner. The Indian and Chinese street food is what makes hostel and college life memorable. Hence, after conduct
16 Specimens that can be easily spotted in an Office
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The Corporate Life will introduce you to a new brand of people a mixed bag of specimens who differ largely from each other,yet are compelled to work as a team in confined spaces. You might hate some of them and might love a few, but you most probably have encounteres them atleast once. Lets check if your corporate office group made it on our list. 1. The Foodie He/She might be overweight or just about alright, but the main concern of
10 most common lies we tell our parents for money during college years
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We all have had the broke period in our lives during our years in college. No matter how much pocket money we get, more is less. Booze is expensive So, here are Top 10 Lies that we tell our parents in order to get a few extra buck every month. 1. Books The most common and perhaps highly effective. What sort of a parent wouldn39t wanna pay for this. Evil Laugh 2. Coaching Classes Some extra bucks for boosting marks, if
Diary of a College Mass Bunker
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Dear Diary Snooz You really think Mass Bunk specialists will have that amount of free time to maintain a diary. Nope. These grandmasters are way too buzy killing time doing absolutely nothing. Here are a few common traits of all are famous mass bunkers. 1. The Cool Status It takes a lot to instigate a mass bunk, especially when you know you39ll be rated out soon by the teacher39s pets. Way to earn the cool guy status has neve
17 forms of Horrible Bosses you might work for in your Corporate Life
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Regardless of being a newbie or a senior executive in a corporate office, the image of Boss has always been that of Lucifer, a Devil Some bosses might even be nice, but then again, the universal language trumps then out and brands them as Evil Warlords. So here are a few pictures that totally nail the idea of a Corporate Boss that we have in our head. 1. The Douchebag An absolute sweethart in real life, 2 Times Academy Award Winner Ke
6 Things you learn after enrolling in an Engineering College
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Engineering has become the hottest trend, leaving behind commerce and other used-to-be-popular courses. Every year, millions of students apply for getting admission in top notch engineering colleges of India yet only a handful make the final cut. But when they enter an engineering college, these 6 things are bound to happen to every college student. 1. We miss school days. We just do miss them instantly. 2. The Xerox Guy knows a lot
8 most common signs that proves you were a part of College Fest Organizing Committee
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The college fest season in on You get news updates almost each day about college fests happening all around Delhi and Mumbai. RockStars performing live, big huge concerts and full on masti. But let us take a moment pay our respects to the people who make it happen. The Organizers. But how do you look for them. Here are 8 definitive traits thatrsquoll guide you towards an event organizer. 1. You really want your money back now. By all mea
6 Types of People you'll get to know during College Years
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College is all about meeting people and growing socially and intelluctually. During your time in college, you are bound to meet some of the most dynamic personalities that will definitely leave a mark on you, or is some cases, a dent. Sure, there are many weirdos in a group, and if you disagree, I39m sorry to say that its you. But what we have here are 6 specimens that can be easily spotted from a distance. Here we go. 1. The Nerd T
4 Things that actually happen during College Internships
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Internship Season is On. Students from College all over India will be moving to various parts of the country for interning with BIg as Well Small Companies and Startups. Our main aim, saying from an absolute layman point of view, is to learn and gain professional experience by working with the leaders of the company. Well, to burst this imaginary bubble of many people, that hardly ever happens. Instead, these 4 things will definitely happen
7 Biggest Taunts that Engineers in India get
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Yes, Engineering students are now found everywhere. The monumental rise in the number of engineering students per year has also given rise to some extremely clicheacute comments that are face by engineering students as well as working tech grads. Here are the 7 most common overused taunts that are plastered over engineering grads and professionals by either relatives or nosy neighbors hellip In some cases, Friends too. 1. Only IIT NIT
 7 things every final year college student must be experiencing
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And the final semester for many college students begin. It is time to say goodbye to the college days and look forward to what life has to offer. There are mixed feelings that everyone whorsquos in final year must be experiencing right now. But what I can recall from my college days, the Top 7 things that will happen or has happened with the final year student are as follows. 1. Dilemma of studying for the last time, yet no clue how to stud
6 Reasons why Hostel Life is the best experience ever
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Apart from teaching the importance of Maggi at midnight, the value of home cooked food, the love of family members, how to bank on others for class notes or borrow interest free loans, sleeping on a chair, the unending list of funny but fundamental lessons, hostel life sure teaches a great deal more. Here are 6 top reasons why hostel life is something that you will miss the most. 1. Lifelong connections I donrsquot care about the clean
5 Things college students do during semester break
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Lets be honest. We are dying for semester break to start. Wersquoll finally get adequate amount of time to meet with friends, go out and have fun, travel etc. We have drafts of preliminary bucket lists of Things we want to do during Semester Break. After asking more than 300 students about their future plans, here are 5 most common things students end up doing during semester break. 1. Eat, Eat and Eat Everyone just end up becomi
10 Misconceptions about Corporate Life Freshers have
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College Time is over for last year students and its time to enter the professional realm. Many misconceptions about job, corporate life, working environment, etc. are going to change. Lets see a few misconceptions that you might have about a job. 1. Job Hunting 2. Area of Work - Interested Tradevs. Assigned Trade 3. Work Pressure 4. Managers 5. Office Environment 6. Working Shifts 7. Deadline Dilehma 8. The Frantic Ladd
11 most common startup ideas you have during college
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With VCs paying ample amount of attention towards rising entrepreneurship among college students, especially from IITs, it has become a common norm that aiming for a job is not fruitful in today39s economy. Here are 11 common ideas on which students generally have been building the foundation of their respective start-ups 1. eCommerce Portal 2. Online Travel Guide 3. College Merchandising 4. A Gossip Blog 5. Smartphone Apps 6
19 Most Watched Hollywood Movies during College Life
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Most students in India are introduced with the idea of watching Hollywoof movies later during college life. Hence, there are a few obvious recommendations that are mentioned time and again. Some are relatively new but some can be as old as the 70s. Check out if your favourites are mentioned in the 19 Most Watched Hollywood Movies. 1. American Pie To all the students entering their hostel life and not familiar with American Pie, brace y
8 Types of Girls that you'll meet in College
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Feminism is on the rise. People have started taking the issue of equal rights seriously. But then again, not every girl has the same viewpoint. Most guys still percieve girls dumb, shallow and money-minded. In reality, no one can answer that question. So, here we bring again a set of simple to mild girls that you39ll get to meet, be friends with or date during your time in college. 1. The Absolute Deal-Breakers She just wants to finish