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Services Selection Board Tips and Tricks
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SSB is the most important and most engrossing part of the selection process in Armed services. Also, it is mandatory for any kind of service and tenure. For the benefit of readers Irsquove divided the SSB interview in five parts 1. PABT Pilot aptitude and Battery Test 2. Screening Test 3. Psychological Test 4. GT Group Task 5. Interview Personal Prepare yourself regularly with Youth4Work39s specially designed prep test for Defense E
SSB Group Task Part 2
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Progressive Group Task It consists of four different segments of obstacle courses, with increasing level of difficulty in chronological manner. Yoursquore provided a wooden plank and log along with a jute rope to aid you in crossing these obstacles. You are expected to make the best possible use of these tools to make your group counter the hindrances in steps. Just make sure, yoursquore not applying muscle power to cross the obstacle. The
SSB Group Task Part 1
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Veritably, Group Task is the most important of all processes involved in the SSB. It consists of total 9 different exercises. Generally it is conducted over two days and this unlike other tests requires both mental and physical agility. Group task is discreet is we compare it to our day to life, though ironically majority of them are based on our day to day lives. Letrsquos start discussing all the aspects of GT GD Group Discussion The
Conference at SSB
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This is the last stage of your SSBis conducted just moments before the final recommendations are out. In conference yoursquore given a chance to meet all the officers of SSB in their official regalia. In the course your opinion is taken what improvements need to undertaken to make the stay of candidates a memorable experience. My advice is that you may choose to give suggestions as per your choice. Just avoid rendering any unrealistic suggestions
Pilot Aptitude Battery Test at SSB
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This test is only for those who have opted for flying in IAF. This test as it is widely famous is conducted only once in a lifetime. There goes a famous jargon in IAF ldquoyou need to have an aptitude for flying, you canrsquot develop itrdquo. The test consists of two parts 1. INS A and INS B These are MCQ based tests, wherein yoursquoll be asked certain question on the position, speed, altitude and attitude of the aircraft. To answer these
SSB Screening Process
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On day 1, SSB authorities conduct screening process to sieve out underprepared and non-interested candidates. It is simple process and consists of two assessments 1. OIR Officer Intelligence Rating This is as the name suggests maps the intelligence quotient of the candidate. The aim is to test the aptitude which is required to become an officer in Armed forces. It consists of MCQ type of questions based on arithmetic, aptitude, GK and En
SSB Psychological Test
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As the name suggests this assessment tests the psychology of the candidates appearing in SSB. It is a subjective test which consists of four different tests. It forms the one of the three prominent pillars of SSB interview along with Group Task and Personal Interview. The different tests in chronological order are 1. Thematic Appreciation Test TAT In this segment yoursquoll be shown 12 pictures, although last one will be blank. The pictures u
Introduction to Indian Armed Forces
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Now yoursquove got to have nerves of steel, since yoursquove opted for a career in Armed Forces. Words apart, a career in Armed Forces prepare and train you to encounter innumerable challenges in the face of enemy. I can definitely vouch for my words when I say, ldquoArmed forces is the best career option available to anyone in India.rdquo The assessment period also tests the patience and grit of the candidates as it stretches to about nine rigor
Interview preparation for SSB
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Personal interviews are well known for the nervy moments they have on the aspiring candidates, whether it is an Army, Air Force or Navy interviews .Theyrsquore also the final obstacle in your avenue to reach the pinnacle of success. Once subdued, you invariably attain the cloud nine moments. Personal interview is one of the oldest tools for assessing someone verbally, they have been existed since the existence of professional competitive jobs